City of Skyscrapers by Sali Kawaguchi in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city of skyscrapers. Sometimes these high rise buildings can obstruct your view of the sky, but they can also turn the scene into something better. When I took this photograph, it was a clear winter day and I decided to look up to admire the sky. Looking up is a great way to explore a location.

Name:Sali Kawaguchi



Taking “Instagram-able” photos. Letting piping hot food turn cold to take a perfect photograph.

Tell us about Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a small but beautiful city. It is a perfect destination for city lovers, but nature lovers will appreciate the lovely hiking routes on the outskirts of the city.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be to wake up and have breakfast and coffee at home, go out late afternoon on the MTR (our underground train) for some shopping from a selection of huge shopping malls nearby, dinner in the same mall (or a different one), out for a drink at a bar and return home on the MTR at any time of night before 12.30am.

What is the best thing about Hong Kong?

Access to cheap but tasty Asian food and convenient transportation.

What is the worst?

Some tourists from mainland China who like to show off their wealth by buying the most expensive brands on the market, as well as their impoliteness (but no offense intended, there are of course, some normal tourists too!).

What would be surprising about Hong Kong to an outsider?

The convenience of our transportation.

If Hong Kong was a person or character who would it be?

Freedom, despite the ongoing unrest which could change our freedom soon.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, and G-Dragon.


Name:Sali Kawaguchi

City:Hong Kong

Favorite place to eat:

Australian Dairy Company

Favorite place to drink:

caffè HABITŪ

Favorite shop:

Åland, a Korean fashion shop.

Local Tip:

Watch out for air conditioner vents dripping water from above, especially during the summer months.

Must Do:

Go to the Victoria Peak, visit Ocean Park (definitely better than Disneyland), and try the street food.