Illustrated Big Apple by Adam Turnbull

I take an anthropological approach to conceptualize my work and living in New York is the perfect place to document this. I illustrate about encounters with people, situations, events and anything else that comes in front of me here in New York through my blog

Name:Adam Turnbull

Place you live: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Can you sum up the place you live? The polish neighborhood on the East river of New York, a mix of young and old people. A mix of nice bars and restaurants and stores that feel like they’ve been there for a life time.

Occupation: Illustrator

Preoccupation: Graphic Designer

A perfect day? Taking a stroll to the L train past variety coffee shop, make my way over to Chelsea to check out some art galleries and then stop in to the Tipsy Parson for a Bloody Mary, walk back to Union Square and ride the train back to Greenpoint, stop off for a beer and sketch down some ideas for stories and illustrations.

What is the best thing about your spot? There is a beautiful park across the street that makes you feel like you’re not in New York.

What is the worst? 
The drunks

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? It feels like the safest place in the world.

A place you want to visit before you die? 
I used to live in Sweden and I would love to visit again before I die.

Who are three of your favorite designers right now? I love the illustrations by Nishant Choski, I love the design of Chandelier Creative and I love the drive of Jeremyville.


Name:Adam Turnbull

City:New York

Best place to eat?


Best place to drink?

Greenpoint Heights

Best place to shop?

L train Vintage 

Local Tip?

The Polish Bakeries have amazing sweet treats! And Greenpoint is a very short walk to MoMA ps1, go there!

For the visitor?

Must do: get the Ferry from Greenpoint to the lower end of Manhattan, the view is absolutely amazing!