Life and Death by Daniel Lober in Asolo, Italy

For a future collaboration with the Pinault Foundation and the Guggenheim Venice Museum. Together with artists Ilaria Rochira, Enrico Hornbostel and Veronica Stievano, this image is part of a Polaroid type 100 series, shot in the woods nearby a little peculiar village named Asolo. Winter time is probably the most fascinating period to visit Venice and every town around it. Everything drowns in a tight mysterious fog creating a unique environment. Sad and lonely but definitely very romantic too. A perfect timing and location for developing this series touching delicate and intimate themes as life and death.

Name:Daniel Lober

Place you live: Occasionally in Venice, Italy.

Place your photo was taken: Asolo. A very esoteric village, somewhere in the middle of the woods.

Can you sum up Venice? Venice and all it’s surroundings are rich in history and lovely places to visit. Pretty much every town has it’s magic. Verona with it’s famous Arena, Vicenza with the Giulietta and Romeo castles, Padova with the 3rd biggest square in Europe, and of course Venice itself, unique in it’s essence. Mostly for having a relaxed time, the whole area provides typical restaurants, small bars, thermal springs and very nice woods to walk through. Find yourself some nice company and come visit.

Occupation: Photographer / Artist