Waves by Dylan Chaplin in Oak Flats, New South Wales

Oak Flats is a pretty small and fairly cruisey suburb that backs up to Lake Illawarra. It’s filled with all sorts of people, from the young to the elderly. It’s about an hour or so drive south of Sydney, and about a 10-minute drive to the closest beach. Everyone here knows each other so there’s not much trouble. But when trouble does happen, you’d be lucky to get away with it.

Name:Dylan Chaplin

I lay timber floating floors by trade. Freelance photographer.


Dyl’s taxi service. Free transport for mates!

A perfect day in Oak Flats?

A perfect day would be waking up before first light, scoring offshore waves all morning, coming home to ride your skater up the street for a feed at the local shop, and then heading back to the beach to get more waves all afternoon. (A messy night out would top it off!)

What is the best thing about Oak Flats?

It’s home. It’s only a short drive to some fun waves, it’s filled with family and friends, and as I mentioned before, everyone here knows each other, so it’s fairly safe!

What is the worst?

Travelling all the way down the coast for a surf forecast that’s completely wrong. That just ruins your whole week.

What would be surprising about Oak Flats to an outsider?

Believe it or not, Oak Flats isn’t too flat.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Ray Collins, Rod Owen and Trent Mitchell would be the stand outs, but the list just keeps on going.




Name:Dylan Chaplin

City:Oak Flats

Must Do:

Order a Schnitty burger from Chicken King!!!!!!