Wild Wild West by Kyle Spradley in Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie is known for its history and adventure, and Kyle Spradley brings it to life through his amazing photographs.  Get ready for a wild ride through the images of Wyoming’s beautiful open space.  Check out his vibrant landscapes and be sure to follow him on Instagram here:  @kspradleyphoto

Name:Kyle Spradley

Place you live: Laramie, Wyoming

Occupation: Photographer/Videographer

Preoccupation: Arborist

Place your Instagrams were taken? Laramie, Wyoming

Can you sum up Laramie?  Nestled among the high plains of southeastern Wyoming, the town of Laramie resides at 7,220 feet elevation and is an outdoors man’s paradise. From the nearby high alpine landscape of the Snowy Range Mountains to the unique rock formations of Vedauwoo, the scenery of the Cowboy State surrounding the University of Wyoming is also a photographer’s dream.

What is a perfect day in Laramie?  Sunrise along the banks of one of the several alpine lakes of the Snowy Range Mountains.

If Laramie was a person or character who would it be and why?  A hippy, ski bum that has multiple degrees and is a published author. (A good mixture of a college town with an outdoor problem. Haha)

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both?  Both. I shoot with both Nikon and Canon SLRs, GoPros, Sony FS5 and iPhone.

What is your editing process? I like to make things as simple and natural as possible with my image processing through organization in Bridge and processing through Photoshop.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers?  Do exactly what this site encourages — explore the area in your backyard. I get more amazing images from revisiting places close by than one-off visits. You really have to work a location at different times of the year and different times of day. Study how the light falls on a scene and how it can evoke emotion. From there, you will create great images.

Who are your three favorite photographers?  Art Wolfe, William Henry Jackson, Adam Barker

What is the most amazing travel experience you’ve ever had?  In the fall of 2011 I visited Grand Teton National Park just before the peak fall color season. After a great morning of catching sunrise at Schwabacher’s Landing with the Teton Range reflected into the Snake River, I took a back road that follows along a ridge above the river. Perched above the river bottoms aglow I sat back and listened to the bugles of elk in their fall rut. It was one of my first times witnessing such an amazing annual event in the West. It was a pivotal moment that helped convince me to move out West. Now I reside in the state that I once longed to visit.

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Name:Kyle Spradley


Best place to eat:

Born in a Barn

Best place to drink:

Coal Creek Tap – great local microbrewery & coffee shop with rustic wood interior

Best outdoor activity:

Fly-fishing at Lake Marie in the Snowy Range Mountains

Must do (for the traveler):

Buckhorn Bar & Parlor (Gotta experience this true Wyoming bar, founded in 1900 that has a bullet still lodged in the bar mirror.)

Local tip:

Visit during the summer. With highs in the low 80’s and evenings in the 50’s with no humidity, it’s some of the most gorgeous weather you’ll experience in the mountains.