Global Yodel is a community of citizens from all over the world who inspire one another. We differ in geography and culture but share an appreciation for creativity and the arts, a passion for travel, and an interest in humanity. Together we discover the globe one Yodel at a time.

As technology, travel, and communication advance, our world becomes smaller. The Global Yodel network is a portal of expression that allows our community to see and share inspiration, life and culture honestly through place. We have built a pathway for people to connect with one another.


  • Explore destination, place, culture, people and products around the world from the perspective of locals.
  • Produce and publish exceptional photography, video, writing and design rooted in places our contributors call home.
  • Offer destination tips and insight into locations around the world.
  • Produce world-class digital, content and influencer marketing campaigns for savvy brands, destinations and their agencies
  • Showcase and promote the work of artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, creatives, and writers in our community.


The travel industry often uses the perspective of an outsider looking at a place. A writer reports on a foreign city and culture. We want to hear about cultures and places around the world from people who call it home. It takes years to really get to know a neighborhood.

Global Yodel wants to learn about the Maldives and New York City from people who have lived there for the last decade, because only they know the secret spots and local happenings.


Global Yodel was conceived from a true love and passion for exploration as well as the desire for an interactive forum that showcases lifestyles, special places, and happenings around the globe. So come on in, take a look around, and please contribute through your lens. Remember, your home is someone else’s destination.