Anna Fahrmaier is a type and graphic designer living in Vienna, Austria. After studying graphic and communication design in Vienna, Anna spent three years working for nowakteufelknyrim in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2008, Anna co-founded Typejockeys. In addition, Anna spent a number of years teaching editorial design part-time in Vienna.

Tell us about your illustration.
I wanted to experiment with letterforms and express the statement I associate with Bon Voyage: friendly and light-footed with a charming smile. My lettering here is influenced by drawings my niece Paula did when she was six. She drew the names of her parents in a beautiful and special way that I just fell in love with. I started this print with hand drawings, interpreting Paula’s unique forms and my feelings for going on a journey. I always saw a jumping and dancing figure in the lettering so I made the hands beckon and it was just perfect.

Why did you choose the phrase “Bon Voyage” for this Travel Inspiration Collaboration print?
Because it’s crisp and friendly.

Can you offer a few tips to aspiring illustrators?
Do what you love but practice.

Who are three illustrators that inspire you? And why?
I really love Christopher David Ryan; his work is so delightful and refreshing. When I see it I get a smile on my face. Column Five Media does great, carefully thought out infographics. Anna Riflebond also does wonderful work!


Bon Voyage

by Typejockeys

Open Edition

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This beautiful illustration from Anna is a collectable print exclusive to Global Yodel. It is part of our ‘Travel Inspiration Collaboration’ series, where we collaborate with designers and illustrators around the world to create prints that inspire us to get our there and explore this beautiful world of ours.

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