The best way to get published is to submit amazing photography, design, video and stories, and to answer the questions with thoughtful care. Give the viewers something inspiring to look at and insightful to read.

Take your time with the interview questions and share some real insight with our viewers. Your answers are just as important as the media.

Photo(s) and video must be shot in the city or town in which you live, or in its immediate surroundings. All design/editorial must also be about your city or town.

If it’s a specific place or thing to do, tell the viewers how to get there and when to go. 

Don’t have a fancy camera? It’s OK. Use your phone as a camera/editing tool. Some nice results can come from these devices.

Make sure the photos, video, writing or postcard design share the essence or a trademark of your spot. Avoid submitting a photo or video that could have been taken in any city.

A series of photos is better than one, but try to keep the shots consistent to a theme.

Make sure your submissions are spellchecked and grammatically correct. Global Yodel is a great way to promote yourself and your work. Put your best foot forward.

Check out the published Yodels on the site to see what to strive for. 

Due to the high volume of submissions we can’t publish everyone’s work. If you don’t see your Yodel published in a month, don’t get discouraged; try submitting again.