10 Things You Didn’t Know About Utah

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Utah
Utah is the land of magnificent mountains, dramatic deserts and the romance of the old west. Offering some of the most exciting attractions and thrilling history in the American West, Utah is the place to go for incredible outdoor adventure, jaw-dropping natural vistas and unique historic sites. The following are ten awesome facts about this beautiful and vibrant state.

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1. Spectacular Scenery
Home to seven incredible national monuments, two national recreation areas, six national forests, and five national parks, the ruggedly gorgeous state brims with jaw-dropping natural beauty. Deserts, mountains, canyons and rivers create an incredible variety of geologic wonders.

2. Sandstone Formations
Utah’s legendary sandstone formations range from the arches and towers of Canyonlands to the gigantic orange sandstone bridges soaring over the desert in Zion National Park. Explore legendary geological landmarks like Landscape Arch, the incredible solidified dunes of The Wave or the dramatic beauty of the Slot Canyons.

3. Amazing Architecture
The state is also dotted with a myriad of astonishing man-made wonders. A highlight of Salt Lake City’s architectural delight is the awe-inspiring Mormon Temple with its soaring spires, spectacular statuary and hand-painted murals. Other architectural landmarks include the European grandeur of the American Hotel and the unique green design of the Natural History Museum of Utah.

4. Utah Drug Rehab
Many of the state’s highly respected drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are situated amid some of the most awe-inspiring views in the west, rivaling Yosemite National Park in their inspiring beauty. Utah’s majestic mountains and peaceful deserts offer ideal locations for healing and recovery.

5. Lake Powell
Man-made Lake Powell is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country with thousands of people enjoying house boating vacations on the lake every year. Surrounded by towering red rocks, the lake is perfect for swimming, boating or hiking.

6. World-Class Skiing
Utah offers some of the best skiing in the world, and many skiers and snowboarders consider the snow at Utah’s legendary resorts to be some of the driest and lightest powder in the world. Winter sport lovers from around the world flock to the Wasatch Mountains to experience the amazing terrain and trails of resorts including Park City, Snowbird, The Canyons and Alta.

7. Winter Olympics
Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and the “Light the Fire Within” theme is still reflected in many of the city’s exciting attractions. The park itself still serves as a training facility for Olympic athletes and features loads of recreational facilities including a bobsled track, nordic jumps, zip-lines and a mountain coaster.

8. Pony Express
Historic Utah is home to one of the best preserved sections of the Pony Express trail. This early method of moving the mail in the old west was exciting and rife with danger, yet kept communications moving between Washington, D.C. and California while helping the North to eventually prevail in the Civil War.  Today, you can still visit many of these sites and even follow the trails these courageous riders took to make the ten day journey between the major government seats.

9. Church of Latter Day Saints
Utah is the seat of the Church of Latter Day Saints. In an effort to escape persecution in Illinois and Missouri, Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young, arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley in the spring of 1847. Today, the original site of the pioneer’s fields and cabins is one of the country’s most beautiful urban areas, Salt Lake City.

10. Dinosaur National Monument
Visitors to Dinosaur National Monument have the rare opportunity of walking where the dinosaurs roamed, surrounded by incredible remains still visible embedded within the rocks. You can even touch some of the over 1,500 ancient bones of these incredible creatures as you hike. Many visitors choose to take a guided river rafting tour to get maximum viewing opportunities.

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