A Cozy Kitchen by Adrianna Adarme in Los Angeles, California

LA-based food blogger and author, Adrianna Adarme styling is on point! Check out her delicious feed and follow along @acozykitchen.

Name:Adrianna Adarme

Place you live: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Food blogger, author of the book The Year of Cozy.

Preoccupation: Bay Producer

Place your Instagrams were taken? Los Angeles

Can you sum up Los Angeles? Los Angeles is interesting, layered, diverse in cultures and one of my favorite places on earth.

What is a perfect day in Los Angeles? The perfect LA day would start with a walk in my neighborhood, Echo Park, and then coffee and breakfast at Sqirl, followed by a trip to the newly-opened Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. It’d end with dinner at my neighborhood favorite, Alimento.

What is your editing process? My favorite is VSCO. I usually import my photo into VSCO and play around with a few filters. My favorites are A8 and A9. I usually decrease the filter a bit and then upload it into Instagram where I’ll fiddle with the contrast and brightness a bit more.

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? Not really. I feel like I still take the time to prop things and make my shots look as pretty as possible.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Post pretty and inspiring photos, duh. I think everyone knows that one. Also have engaging and thoughtful and funny captions. Let your personality shine! People love people.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? @francismallmann, @nna_posey and @socalitybarbie.


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Name:Adrianna Adarme

City:Los Angeles

Best place to eat:

Alimento in Silverlake

Best place to drink:

Esters Wine Bar in Santa Monica

Best outdoor activity:

Drinking/eating outside – that’s an activity!

Must do:

Use the Waze App for ways to deal with traffic.

Local tip:

If parking signs are too complicated to read and follow (so many of them are!), just pay for valet—it’ll be cheaper in the end.