A Guide to Austin with Max Frost in Austin, Texas

Whether it was on the radio, at a party or in a Beats by Dre commercial, sometime, somewhere, you must have heard Max Frost’s “White Lies.” It’s the kind of infectious song that is rarely unwelcome and instantly puts you in a good mood. The 23-year-old Austin native pulls from his background of soul and blues music and adds electronic pop and hip-hop beats. The result is what Frost likes to describe as modern music with an old-school twist. Sure, he dropped out of the University of Texas during his sophomore year but he did it to dive headfirst into chasing his music dreams, and now his fans are chasing his talent. Watch out for his new EP coming this fall and read our interview below where Frost talks about all things Austin.

What is the best thing about Austin? The girls, the breakfast tacos, and the music.

What is the worst? The traffic. The traffic. The traffic.

If Austin was a person or character who would it be? The genetic hybrid of Willie Nelson and Steve Jobs.

What is a perfect day in your city? Sometime in the Spring when we get a few beautiful days of perfect weather.

What are some of your favorite places to tour? I love touring the East Coast because audiences tend to be more loud and crazy! I also love outdoor venues in places like Denver and Salt Lake City for the atmosphere.

Max Frost - Global Yodel

“#tbt to Pittsburgh right outside Heinz Field. One of my favorite nights of the run! Crowd was awesome” – @maxfrost

Which city has the best crowd and why? Austin! The energy is always homey.

What has surprised you the most about touring? How much of the country is just desert. And that aliens looking from space might assume Subway is an essential need to keep humans alive because they are literally in every place. No matter how desolate.

What’s the hardest thing about being in a band? Feeling responsible to come through for the people who have stuck their neck out for you.

What’s the best? Coming through for the people that have stuck their neck out for you.

What does the band like to do for fun while on the road? Throw frisbee. Watch basketball/football. Play video-games when possible. Lots of listening to music.

What’s your favorite way to interact with fans, before, during and after the show? It’s still all so new to me that I just like to meet them and find out about them. I’m still amazed to meet people who are really fans. I hope I never get used to it.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you while touring? Once in Boston, a disoriented street pimp thought we owed him money when we didn’t even know him. He bashed in the side of our van window with his pimp cane while we were loading in. He was arrested. The window didn’t get fixed until a week later on the tour. It was the East Coast in December.

Max Frost - Global Yodel

“It’s gonna be a long drive to DC…” – @maxfrost

If you could tour with any band or artist from any time in history, who would it be? I’d play bass for Jimi Hendrix.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? Yes, but they are top secret.

What is the most useful career advice you’ve received? Be everyone’s friend. Even if you can’t stand them.

How do you get oriented in a new city? Google maps. Strangers.

Which bands/artists are you listening to these days? The new Alabama Shakes record. And Magical Mystery Tour.



Austin photos by Randal Ford and Ed Guerra.

This Yodel by Era Bushati


Max Frost


Favorite place to eat?
Taco Deli

Favorite place to drink?


Local tip?

Avoid 6th Street west of I35 and east of Lavaca.

If someone was visiting, what must they do?

Get BBQ. Go on the lake.