Above and Away by Karan Bhatia in Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood sign is an iconic landmark in Los Angeles and I’ve always wanted a unique photo of it. The park around it is closed after sunset and the police are strict. I wanted to try and get the police in the shot to add an edge to the photo that I feel is representative of Los Angeles. I got lucky with the cop car moving through the frame.

Name:Karan Bhatia

Place you live: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: I sell clothing to priests.

Preoccupation: Constantly preoccupied with climbing rocks.

Tell us about Los Angeles: Los Angeles is a relatively unique place to live because of the diversity in things to do and places to see. Within an hour and a half, you can be skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, in Hollywood bars, watching any of the six professional sports teams, and a lot more. I love that there is a variety of places to photograph, from landscape, to cityscape, to the streets.

What is your perfect day in Los Angeles? A perfect day is shooting sunrise on the beach, followed by breakfast at CiCi’s Cafe. Killing the afternoon rock climbing in Malibu Creek State Park, followed by dinner and a night of live music!

What is the best thing about Los Angeles? I love that the hike to this spot gets you above and away from LA, but keeps the city in sight. It’s nice to step away from the city and get a different perspective.

What is the worst? There are incredible amounts of horse feces on this trail.

What would be surprising about Los Angeles to an outsider? I think the most surprising thing would be this trail and how close it gets you to the famous Hollywood sign. It’s pretty interesting to be able to get a few yards away from such an iconic landmark.

If Los Angeles was a person or character who would it be? I think if Los Angeles were a person or character, it would be Leonardo, a Renaissance man who excelled in numerous fields. Los Angeles offers a bit of everything.

Who are three of your favorite photographers right now? I’m really digging work by a few Instagrammers right now. If i had to pick three, it would be: @andy_best, @heavy_minds, and @ravenreviews.




Name:Karan Bhatia

City:Los Angeles

Best place to eat:

CiCi’s Cafe

Best place to drink:

Paradise Cove in Malibu

Best place to shop:

I like walking in and out of all the shops near Main Street, Santa Monica.

Local Tip:

Don’t visit without cruising Mulholland Blvd at night for some great views.

Must do:

You have to go to a Lakers game!