Adana, Turkey Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Ugur Soyata to the Adana HiltonSA to experience all this amazing Turkish town has to offer and to make some beautiful photos. Set on the banks of the River Seyhan, Adana HiltonSA is the perfect base from which to explore the historic city and its main attractions. Adana is filled with exceptional history, food, culture and activities. But don’t take our word for it, explore Adana, Turkey through Ugur’s beautiful photography and insightful travel tips.

inline 1 Adana 2.11.17-OLD TOWN

Name? Ugur Soyata

Occupation? Photographer

Place you live? Istanbul

How long have you lived there? 49 Years

Can you sum up Adana? Adana is situated on the Seyhan River, 35 km inland from the Mediterranean Sea, in south-central Anatolia. Adana lies in the heart of Çukurova, a geo-cultural region that covers the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Hatay. The city is riddle with rich history. You’ll find the local people to be cultural, pleasant and caring.

The city has amazing native cuisine with excellent food. History buffs will love the city for its many historical places.

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What is the best thing about Adana? The food is the best thing in Adana, especially the traditional Adana Kebab.

What are the people like in Adana? The people I met were very friendly, cultural and supportive.

Describe your experience at the Adana HiltonSA hotel. The team was nice and helpful. I was very impressed. The Hotel is in a great location. The rooms are comfortable. I especially loved my room for its amazing view of the Seyhan River, Taşköprü (also known as Stone Bridge) and Sabanci Central Mosque. I most enjoyed the hotel restaurants and spa. Everything I experienced at the hotel was terrific.


If a friend was visiting Adana what would you suggest they do? Wake up, order breakfast in bed and take in the beautiful morning view from your Hilton Adana room. After breakfast visit the old town then walk around the Seyhan Dam Lake. Go the Ziya Pasa Boulevard then grab a traditional coffee at Beymen Cafe. Shop around the area for a bit and get a bite for lunch at Big Chefs. Grab dinner at a traditional kebab house, I suggest Kazancılar Kebap House. Order an Adana kebab and a Rakı (local drink).






Best place to eat:

For traditional kebabs Cik Cik Ali’nin.

For traditional Turkish cuisine Spice Bazaar.

For Chinese and sushi try Fon Dragon Pearl.

Local tip:

Drink Şalgam juice (also known as “turnip juice,” a popular local drink) while eating Adana kebab. It’ll make you feel like a local.

Best place to drink:

Drink in the Kazancılar Carsısı area, located in old town. The area is very traditional and home of the annual World Raki Festival.

Best place to shop:

Check out the Ziya Pasa Boulevard. The mall is known for carrying famous brands. Optimum Outlet is a great mall option as well.

Best outdoor activity:

Enjoy a hike in the Taurus Mountains.

Best park:

Merkez Park, which is only five minutes away from Adana Hilton.

Best place to stay:

Adana HiltonSA Hotel