#adventure by Cody Howell in Boise, Idaho, USA

Making fort in a new state, Cody Howell makes it look like he has been living and exploring in Idaho for years.  Beautiful natural flowing landscapes and images so inviting you could walk right in, are what make his feed worth a visit.  Follow Cody Howell for everything adventure and everything Idaho. @thecodyhowellstory

Name:Cody Howell

Place you live: Boise, Idaho, USA

Can you sum up Boise? Moving here from California, I came with no expectations. What I’ve found is a Idaho’s largest city feel like my hometown of Modesto where the town itself may not excite everyone, but the proximity to anything and everything outdoor related is a short drive and fulfills all your adventure-rich heart desires. In my four months living here, I’m slowly finding my way into a creative subculture and am finding a small but vibrant group of people that encourage one another and spur each other forward.

For the visitor? Get out of the city! There’s beautiful mountains, forests, rivers & lakes within an hour’s drive.

Best meal? Turkey & Brie sandwich at Bleubird // Short Ribs at Fork.

How long have you been using Instagram? 6 months

What phone camera do you use to shoot? iPhone’s Camera

Editing process? What apps do you use, if any to edit your photos? VSCO cam for color edit & Afterlight for fine-tuning. Sometimes I’ll play around with an image in Mextures or Faded.

Do you create images outside of instagram? Not as frequently as I’d hope, but yes

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? It’s allowed me to approach photography in a lighter, less serious sense. I like to treat the pictures I take on my phone as an illustrator treats the sketches in their sketchbook. It also provides a catalog of inspiration for when I do go out and shoot for a client or for personal work in my portfolio.

Does your feed differ from your work outside of Instagram? Not really, my strongest work tends to be landscapes both in and outside of instagram. I am always trying to tie a human element into all my images though.

Who are your three favorite instagrammers? Jaymie Shearer @jmeshe // Mark Clinton @markclinton // Brian Treit @briantreit