Always Moving by Pavielle Garcia in Los Angeles

Shooting in Los Angeles is so inspiring. The city is always moving and so is your eye. As a young photographer living in Los Angeles, I am so privileged to have the ability to go to the beach, the mountains, or take a trip to the desert at any given moment. We have gorgeous buildings, beautiful beaches, and unforgettable mountains. There are also plenty of long spontaneous drives out to the desert. California is beautiful and I am honored to capture it.

Name:Pavielle Garcia


Tell us about Los Angeles:

I live in Koreatown in Los Angeles and I love it! I have a gorgeous balcony where I can see a little bit of the downtown skyline. I’m about 15 minutes away from every neighborhood in LA. Koreatown is full of delicious Korean restaurants that stay open late. There’s great access to the subway and beautiful views of the sunset.

A perfect day?

The perfect day is when the sun is out, the sky is bright blue, and the flowers and trees are vibrating and blowing in the wind. People are out on the town, running or walking with their families. When the sun sets late it creates a colorful reflection on the windows. Summer days and nights are the prettiest here in California.

What is the best thing about Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is constantly changing , like the weather, which makes it inspiring and moving. The best thing is the warm California sunshine.

What is the worst?

The worst thing is the cold.

What would be surprising about Los Angeles to an outsider?

How open and chill Los Angeles is.

If Los Angeles was a person or character who would it be?

A beautiful woman.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Bob Marley, and John Lennon.


Name:Pavielle Garcia

City:Los Angeles

Favorite place to eat:

Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles

Favorite place to drink:

Cafe Mak

Favorite shop:

Local thrift stores.

Local Tip:

Go to the flea markets and thrift stores. Stop in Silverlake for good coffee at Intelligentsia. Check out the beautiful boutiques in Los Feliz. Take a hike in Griffith Park and stop at the beach in Malibu if you have a chance.