Alzaia Naviglio Pavese by Marta Giaccone in Milan, Italy

During a grey and cold winter of a few years ago I was walking home in a foggy and deserted street and everything seemed so peaceful, almost dead.

During the winter Milano is terribly grey and cold. During the summer it’s unbearably hot and humid. But when springtime comes everything looks like it’s being born again along with it: there’s plentiful of smiles on people’s faces, the leaves return to their natural color, we can finally put away our winter jackets and wake up in the morning with a hint of light for a change. And the same far autumn, but everything is in reverse and people start preparing for the long grey months.

Name:Marta Giaccone

Place you live: Milan, Italy

Place your photo was taken: Alzaia Naviglio Pavese (near where I live)

Occupation: No longer a student… I’d say I’m an obsessed & compulsive photographer.

Preoccupation: Inventing 48hr days

A perfect day in Milan? A sunny spring day, just walking around the old city center and seeing everyone’s got their smiles back on their faces after the gloomy winter months.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Walk up the hundreds of steps to the top of the Duomo, and have a look at the whole city from up there.

A perfect meal? A home cooked meal composed of bruschette, pasta, fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and of course home made dessert. Home made pizza is nice, too.

A little known fact? Some say that the “Navigli” (which are small rivers that run across the city of Milano) were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.