Aran Goyoaga’s Local Guide to Seattle by Aran Goyoaga in Seattle, Washington

These photos represent the things I love: food, nature, my favorite restaurants and my favorite dishes.

Name:Aran Goyoaga

Occupation: Author, food stylist and photographer.

Place you live: Seattle, WA.

Can you sum up Seattle in a paragraph? Seattle is a place where nature and city grit collide and brew new ideas. I have a sense of freedom here that I have not felt since I was a kid.

Can you sum up the people of Seattle? That is so hard because there is such a variety of people here. But from my experience, this is a very friendly city with a strong sense of community. It’s also reserved. It suits me well.

What is the Seattle culinary scene like? Effervescent. People in this city appreciate their food and really dedicate their resources to it. Restaurants are popping up everywhere, really elevating the standards.

What was the experience like shooting for a campaign to promote Seattle to the world? I am an avid phone photographer so I feel I am constantly seeing the city through some sort of frame. This was an extension of how I see Seattle in my daily life.

Describe a perfect day in Seattle. What would it entail? I love all seasons really, even the dark of winter. But the perfect summer’s day would consist of food, nature and more food. First, an early morning coffee at Milstead, then a stop at Book Larder in Fremont. After that I’d head to Discovery Park for a hike and blackberry picking, followed by lunch at The London Plane and then a trip to Totokalelo. I’d grab coffee number two and a biscuit at Oddfellows, maybe take a quick nap at home, and then back out for dinner and drinks at Essex and Delancey. After that I’d grab some gelato at D’Ambrosio and head over to Carkeek Park to watch the sunset. Sounds about right.

What do you love about Seattle? I have found a community of artists I relate to here and we’ve become close friends. I love the sense of artistic freedom, the character of the city, and the proximity to nature. The food is incredible, obviously, and the city has a fairly well-connected airport. That’s everything on my checklist!

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Pay attention to light and composition just like you would with any other type of photography. But stay away from perfectly styled shots. I love the spontaneity of it.

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Name:Aran Goyoaga

Best place to eat?

The London Plane, Delancey, Sitka & Spruce, The Whale Wins, Ba Bar, Pair… I love them all.

Best place to drink?

E. Smith Mercantile, Milstead.

Best place to shop?

Totokaelo and Peter Miller bookstore.

Best outdoor activity?

Picnic at any of the parks on a sunny day.

Favorite Park?

Discovery Park.

Favorite Neighborhood?

I live in Queen Anne and I love it.