As the river runs by by Agnes Thor in Örebro, Sweden

Karlslund, is an area just three miles outside of Örebro, and it’s the place where I will always truly feel like home, no matter where I plant my belongings elsewhere. The river that runs through it continues into the city, connecting the two in a beautiful way.

It’s a great place for walks, or just hanging out by the river, cooking up a barbecue or having a picnic. There’s plenty of trails for bike rides, runs, and rides. And for the history buff: plenty of preserved beautiful historic buildings, hailing from the time when there was a working mill, a large farm, and the still standing mansion that overlooked it all.

In the old mill there’s now a cafe, next door they sell sustainable building materials, and my personal favorite: in the backyard of my childhood home, there’s now a beekeeper who provides the best honey that one could ever taste.

Name:Agnes Thor



Searching for wild horses in the American west.

Tell us about the place you live:

Despite the city it belongs to being ever changing and ever growing, and despite more and more people finding it, it’s still one of those places that has remained beautiful and peaceful.

A perfect day in Karlslund?

In the winter: skiing or hiking through the snow, then having a cup of hot chocolate by the fire, or from a brought thermos. In the summer: spending the day outside, reading, walking, biking, swimming, and then barbecuing and spending times with friends throughout the long, bright night.

What is the best thing about Örebro?

The natural beauty.

What is the worst?

The general grayness of the landscape in late winter, post-snow, and pre-spring beauty.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

The variety of the nature, and how secluded it feels, yet being so close to the city.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Right now: Hilma af Klint, Eva Hesse and Sally Mann

As the river runs is Agnes Thor‘s second monograph, where she has turned her camera to the place where she grew up. Coming back over 8 years, a story began to take shape: about the memories kept in the landscape, and an observation of the Swedish landscape and the beauty of its seasons. It’s a meditation of time passing, and how a landscape that she grew up in still is of great significance as an adult. 
The first edition has 500 copies and it is available HERE.

Name:Agnes Thor


Favorite place to eat:

The city garden, Stadsträdgården.

Favorite place to drink:

Fröken Brogrens Bakery

Favorite shop:

Blackdoor Gallery – focused on photography from local and national artists. They have a small bookshop and prints from previous exhibitions.

Local Tip:

Rent or borrow a bike, the best way to get around.

Must Do:

Go for a bike ride by the river.