At Bat, Print from Beth Yarnelle Edwards in San Francisco

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Name: Beth Yarnelle Edwards

Place you live: Burlingame, CA, just outside of San Francisco.

Occupation: Fine art photographer and adjunct professor (ESL at USF).

Preoccupation: Order. I’ve just moved and can’t stand the mess! I’m obsessed with being able to find everything and getting rid of anything I don’t need.

Specific location this photo was taken: In the flats of San Carlos, CA.

Describe a perfect day in San Francisco: If I’m not shooting, my perfect day would be waking up late and then walking downtown via Mission and Valencia Streets, stopping for coffee, lunch, and shopping along the way. Four miles later, I’d see a movie at the Embarcadero Center or visit one of our many great museums. After that, I’d take MUNI home and get together with friends for dinner and conversation.

If San Francisco was a person or a character who would it be? It would be Anna Madrigal, the central character of Armisted Maupin’s Tales of the City. In San Francisco, we’re not always who we appear to be.

Who are three photographers that inspire you? And why? That’s a really hard question. It often depends on what I looked at last. At Paris Photo LA this year, I really enjoyed the photos of Laurent Millet and J. John Priola. I always love August Sander, Jeff Wall, Gilbert Garcin, and Jessica Backhaus. Oh, there are so many! I could go on and on. 


Beth Yarnelle Edwards

San Francisco

Best place to eat?
Since I’m an aspiring, though not always successful, vegan, I’d recommend Gracias Madre, Herbivore, Udupi Palace, and Cha-Ya. All are fabulous for vegetarians and everyone else. I think the best inexpensive Mexican restaurant is La Taqueria on Mission near 25th. An added bonus is that roving musicians often stop by there and play for a while.

Best place to drink?

We’re so close to the wine country; I love to sample wines there. I prefer Sonoma over Napa as it’s less expensive and less pretentious.

Best outdoor activity?

For me, it’s walking and hiking in Marin or on the Peninsula.

Local tip?

The city is built on several steep and daunting hills. But if you’re clever, you can walk or bike a long way without much climbing. The walk I described in the “perfect day” section is basically flat.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

What it wouldn’t be is visiting Fisherman’s Wharf. I get a lot of European houseguests, usually artists or curators. Although sophisticated in their hometowns, they have this crazy idea that Fisherman’s Wharf is something they must visit here. I try to persuade them that it’s a tacky tourist trap, but if unsuccessful, I send them off alone. The next day, we walk downtown via the route I described earlier, visit museums and galleries, walk along the Bay, and just soak in the atmosphere of this remarkable city.