Athletes and Visionaries by Cole Sax in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah has been a backbone of my inspiration when it comes to videography and photography. Skiing sparked my interest and it is where my roots are grounded.

Name:Cole Sax

Director, videographer, editor, photographer.


Traveling and adventuring.

Tell us about Park City:

Park City is a winter wonderland filled with extreme athletes and visionaries. There is something in the water.

A perfect day?

Waking up, skiing half of the day, boating the other half, ending with mountain biking and eating at Davanzas.

What is the best thing about Park City?

The scenery.

What is the worst?

The tourists.

What would be surprising about Park City to an outsider?

The summer is the real reason people stay in Park City.

If Park City was a person or character who would it be?

Probably Shane McConkey.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Musicians: Of Monsters and Men, Flume, Blink 182
Videographer: Ty Evans
Production Company: Brain Farm



Name:Cole Sax

City:Park City

Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

No Name Saloon

Local Tip:

Avoid driving during Sundance and go Skiing – no one is on the mountain!

Must Do:

Stay outdoors.