Banyan Tree Ungasan in Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia

Global Yodel recently had the opportunity to experience the elegant Banyan Tree Ungasan, Bali in Indonesia.

There’s no place in the world quite like Bali. So much more than a tropical paradise, Bali has many layers; the people are artistic, friendly and spiritual, the culture is rich and the cuisine is unlike any other. Located in Bali’s southern peninsula and close to the famous must-see Uluwatu Temple, lies the well-regarded Banyan Tree Ungasan. This all-pool villa resort with breathtaking cliff views, immaculately kept grounds, and bright and spacious rooms complete with contemporary Balinese style, fulfill its promise to be the “ultimate romantic getaway.”

The Banyan Tree Ungasan has an array of amazing dining experiences. From a beautiful casual international breakfast buffet to fine dining to in-room delivery you can find everything from traditional Balinese cuisine to Western favorites. (If dining in your villa, just make sure to close your doors at night so the monkeys don’t sneak in and steal your delicious fruit!)

We sat down with General Manager, Alfonso Romero to learn more about Banyan Tree Ungasan and Bali.

Name: Alfonso Romero

Place you live: Ungasan, Bali, Indonesia

Occupation: General Manager

Tell us about the Banyan Tree Ungasan: More than just a luxury holiday resort, Banyan Tree Ungasan is a sanctuary for your senses. Here, all of our staff work together hand in hand, to pamper each of our guests completely through all of their senses and beyond. From the moment a guest arrives, right in front of the lobby, our Balinese staff will strike the traditional Gong (instrument that is used in ceremonial rituals in Bali that will echo a lovely, soft sound throughout the resort) as a symbol of our sincerest welcome, followed by a blessing ceremony with a splash of Tirta (holy water) and other Balinese ritual items for a blessed holiday journey. Every day, each villa is infused with a different scent from our signature collection of aromatherapy (from Night Queen to Eucalyptus, each day will never smell the same). We indulge our guest’s taste buds with extensive options of dining experiences from fine dining at Ju-Ma-Na restaurant to a private romantic dining experience at White Dove Chapel. At Banyan Tree Spa guests can relax, refresh and rejuvenate, with a focus on the ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach celebrating human touch. Most of all, we aim to take very special care of each of our guests like they are our own family. The moment you leave our resort, you know something in your life has already changed and you are now a part of our family.

A little-known fact about Banyan Tree Ungasan? Little is known by the public about our deep welcoming ceremony rituals and blessings at Banyan Tree. Every day before the work day, our Balinese staff pray at the temple located inside the property for good and happiness to all of the guests. We even have a Balinese priest come every single morning to the back office to give the blessing. We care deeply about the environment and community and regularly organize beach cleaning as well as take part in charitable activities to serve our community.

A perfect day at Banyan Tree Ungasan? Everyday is a perfect day here! Wake up early to enjoy the sun rising in the horizon, enjoy a scrumptious breakfast by the infinity pool with majestic views of the Indian Ocean, chill out and relax at your own private pool and whirlpool in your villa, rejuvenate your body and mind at the spa and continue with delectable afternoon tea at Ju-Ma-Na, enjoy sunset cocktails at the pool bar where you can feel the fresh ocean breeze, and close the day with a delicious dining experience at Ju-Ma-Na, a private BBQ at your villa or romantic cliff edge or White Dove dinner. Life is so great here!

What are the people of Bali like? They are simply awesome. Warm, caring and very loving people.

What is your favorite aspect of Bali? All aspects actually. From the local culture and traditions to dining and lifestyle activities to nature and the people, there is so much to like about Bali.

A little-known fact about Bali?  Bali has so much to offer and to be discovered. Come and experience it for yourself because those “little-known facts about Bali” are simply more than words can describe.

Local tip: Just come to Bali! Do less research and planning and be ready to embrace local surprises you will enjoy here.

What to avoid: Going down to the hipster area (like Seminyak) around sunset time because of intense traffic. The sunsets in the Uluwatu area are simply the best anyway!

Must-do: Try Balinese rijsttafel dishes, visit Uluwatu Temple, try the afternoon tea at a stunning venue like Ju-Ma-Na restaurant, arrange an intimate dining experience with your loved ones, befriend the locals and help to protect the culture and environment during your visit. These simple acts will make your holiday more memorable!

For peace and relaxation, delicious cuisine and Balinese hospitality at its best, Banyan Tree Ungasan should be on your must-visit list.