Big Small Town by Anita Brechbühl in Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich is internationally known as a global banking and financial center, but to its locals, it’s a city that continuously boasts one of the highest qualities of life.  Nature, culture, and economics blend together to create a desirable multicultural European city that is home to natives and migrants alike.  Local travel blogger Anita Brechbühl shares all the best that her hometown has to offer. Check out her vibrant portraits and be sure to follow her on Instagram here: @travelita.


Name:Anita Brechbühl

Place you live:  Zürich

Occupation:  Travel Blogger at and urban planner

Preoccupation:  Photography, traveling, exploring cities, reading

Place your Instagrams were taken? Most of them in Zürich – but as you reach some fabulous mountain spots in less than a two-hour train ride, I am able to escape the city for some quality time.

Can you sum up Zürich? On a global level, Zürich is a small town with a cosmopolitan flair and a high quality of life. I like that everything is in a walkable distance.

What is a perfect day in Zürich? To start the day watching the sunrise from the top of Uetliberg, then walk down, have brunch at one of the many hipster coffee places. Enjoy the afternoon at the shore of Lake Zürich (or go for a boat ride) and then head to Zürich’s highest building, Primetower with its top-level floor bar and have a drink or two.

If Zürich was a person or character who would it be and why? Zürich is a thirty-something well-educated guy who works hard but also loves to enjoy life to the fullest.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? For Instagram, 99% of the pictures I share are made with my phone. For the blog, I use the “real” camera.

What is your editing process? I use VSCO on my phone and Lightroom for the camera.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Have fun and try to experiment with different perspectives.

Who are your three favorite photographers? @lilyrose, @anddicted, @lumadeline

What is the most amazing travel experience you’ve ever had? A 10-day road trip through Oman – such an inspiring and beautiful country.


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Name:Anita Brechbühl

City:Zürich, Switzerland

Best place to eat:

Restaurant Waid (more for the view than for the food)

Best place to drink:

Baltho Küche & Bar or CLOUDS

Best outdoor activity:

Walk along the river or go on top of Uetliberg.

Must do (for the traveler):

Enjoy the skyline from Lindenhof

Local tip:

Explore Zürich West