Big Steer Meats by T.J. Proechel in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Name:T.J. Proechel

Place you live: Saint Paul, MN

Place your photo was taken: Woodbury, MN

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Basketball, Disappearance, Personal Reinvention, Wealth.

Perfect day in Saint Paul? Delicious coffee, a competitive game of basketball at the L.A. Fitness, a delicious Vietnamese lunch, photographing and movie and drinks.

Perfect meal in Saint Paul? A Grilled Pork Bon Mi Sandwich with a grilled pork and egg roll vermicelli salad from Treu Chue on University Ave. The best Vietnamese restaurant in a former Denny’s anywhere.

Saint Paul FYI? You can easily swim across the Mississippi if you go below the Ford Dam.