Bikes and Money by Caspar Claasen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Two things sum up Amsterdam in this photo. One, there’s a bicycle. If you visit Amsterdam, you’ll most probably find out about those the hard way… by thinking that pretty sounding bell ringing behind you, and getting louder fast, is someone’s ringtone. Two, the woman is picking up money from the streets. Meaning yes, we have it good here, although we love to complain… the jokes about the Dutch being greedy and fixated on money are all true.

Name:Caspar Claasen

Place you live: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Place your photo was taken: Amsterdam, just around the corner of my house.

Can you sum up Amsterdam? Like all popular tourist destinations, Amsterdam is a two–faced city. There’s the crowded and shabby centre where all the pigeons and tourists hang out, and where the locals hardly ever go. And there’s the quiet and livable neighbourhoods around the centre where the locals live, and where the tourists and pigeons hardly ever go.

Occupation: I’m a photographer interested in candid moments between people and their surroundings. So all my photos are unposed and of strangers. Some would call this street photography, but I’m not sure this term is well understood.

I also work as a freelance visual designer.

Preoccupation: My 4–year old daughter Lora.

What is a perfect day in Amsterdam? Sunny day picnicking in the Vondelpark, with family and / or friends. Preferably a working day when everyone else is away, working.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Get lost. Wander away from the centre. Learn how to say “goedemorgen”.

A perfect meal in Amsterdam? Be brave and try a broodje haring (raw herring sandwich) with pickles and onions at one of the fish kiosks.

What is the best thing about your spot? It’s quite messy.

What is the worst? It’s quite messy.

A little known fact about where you live? Amsterdam has the best tasting and cleanest tap water in the world. Seriously.

Where is your favorite place in the world? I like to think I haven’t found that place yet.

Who are your three favorite photographers? Top of my head: Nils JorgensenKate KirkwoodViviane Sassen. But differs per day.