Blowin its Guts by Ché Parker in Perth, Western Australia

Perth’s an oft-missed treat. The beaches are immaculate, the weather is fine and the music scene is sound. On a cruisy afternoon sittin’ at home with a few mates and a few beers, someone made mention of a potential swell kickin’ against the coast, so we piled a few boards into my car and and rolled down the road to have a scope… Turned out the swell was rather unremarkable and the wind was blowin’ its guts (not much of a surprise considering Perth is apparently one of the windiest cities on Earth) so after a beer and a blather and a bit more staring into a lowering sun we about-faced and rolled back. Surf-wise a swing-and-a-miss, but an otherwise pleasant interlude in our afternoon.

Name:Ché Parker

Place you live: Perth, Western Australia

Place your photo was taken: City Beach, which, as the name suggests, is the closest coastal beach to the CBD.

Occupation: Aahhh, I’ll get back to you on that…

Preoccupation: Learning

A perfect day in Perth?  Sunset surf, delicious rum, a gig somewhere, heated discussions at Billy Lee’s over wine and fried squid at 3am.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Get high at the beach, jump off Blackwall Reach, go to a gig at The Bakery, eat apple pie at The Moon Cafe at 3am.

A perfect meal? Roast rack of lamb, at my folks’ place.

A little known fact about Perth? It’s dope.