BMX by Fred Csupor in Geneva, Switzerland

This picture was taken during November, when days get shorter. The rider is one of my friends, Arnaud Mauler, and he is a well known guy in the BMX industry because is an artistic director for a bike company. Geneva is a big city for the region, and there are many places to skate and ride your bike. Most of time, everything is clean and accessible. During the winter, a lot of people go snowboarding in the mountains. The city becomes a bit empty.

Name:Fred Csupor

Place you live: Geneva, Switzerland

Place your photo was taken: This picture was taken outside of the center. It’s a public place where kids use to play, skate or ride.

Can you sum up Geneva? Geneva is a place in west Switzerland, next to the French Frontier. It’s a great city, next to the Alps, with a very big lake : The Léman. During the winter, you can drive and ride the slopes. During summer, you can practice some wakeboarding on the lake. It’s really nice. Geneva is well known for chocolate, banking and luxury watches. But it’s also a place with cultural and alternative activities.

Occupation: I live to make pictures.

Preoccupation: I make pictures to live.

What is a perfect day in Geneva? A perfect day is a summer day. You get up early, have a ride behind a wakeboarding boat. Then, a big breakfeast , with french bread, swiss cheese and american coffee. Then you go for some skateboarding tricks in one of the good spots. Chill in the city during the afternoon, drinking and meeting people in front of the lake. For the evening, a barbecue at the beach. Try to do this from the 15th of June till the 15th of September, and you will live 100 years (maybe a little less).

If someone was visiting, what must they do? In Geneva, you must have a walk in the old city, see some luxury stores next to the lake, visit the United Nations, eat some swiss cheese and so many things. Then, take you car, go skiing, and visiting the French part of Switzerland. It’s beautiful and amazing!

A perfect meal in Geneva? Cheese is one of the most important thing for me. But as a lot of people, I’m very open on world food. You can have a burger at the Calamar café (crazy place), or a cheese fondue at the Gruyerien (cheese temple). But for me, best meals are private. To sum up, there is the Titi’s Gratin, The Dédé’s Tajine, and my mother’s Goulash.

What is the best thing about your spot? The situation, the people, the lake, the nature around, the energy of cultural structures.

What is the worst? November.

A little known fact about where you live? There is a water spray, called the “Jet d’eau de Genève”. It sprays water 140 meters high.

Where is your favorite place in the world? My heart is between California and Tokyo. Such a big distance.

Who are your three favorite photographers? No “favorite photographers.” Some works of each: Jeff WallWilliam EgglestonStephen ShoreLarry SultanRichard MosseSophie CalleGeorges RousseJuergen TellerEdouard Levé….