Boarding House by Rober Ballen in Johannesburg, South Africa

My photograph is a representation of how a big percentage of the population in South Africa live.

Name:Rober Ballen

Place you live: Johannesburg, South Africa

Place your photo was taken? Johannesburg, South Africa

Can you sum up your city? Johannesburg is a big industrial African city.

Occupation: Photographer & Geologist

Preoccupation: taking photographs

A perfect day in Johannesburg? Warm weather and a successful shoot.

For the visitor? They should try and See the whole city, from the privileged first world shopping centers to the third world street markets with vendors selling everything even raw meat.

A perfect meal? An outdoor braai (barbecue)

The best thing about Johannesburg? The variety and excitement of an interesting city combining aspects of African and the Western world.

And the worst? The traffic is becoming a nightmare.

A little known fact? Johannesburg is well over a mile high in altitude and is not that warm.

Your favorite place in the world? Diving into a clear blue sea.

Your favorite photographers: MeatyardMan RayKertesz