Bright Nights, Photographs of Another New York

Global Yodel contributor Tod Seelie loves New York, but not the version depicted in postcards. His city is an underground haven for people at society’s edges, people who come alive at night, who make music and art and noise and mess. This startlingly beautiful collection of images captures a gritty culture that belies the city’s glamorous persona. Here are punk bands and bike parades, abandoned spaces and skeezy clubs, junk-filled lots and sketchy streets. The photographs in the book create a love poem to the city that not only doesn’t sleep—it cavorts around at 3:00 am looking for the next adventure.


Tod is releasing his first book of photography with the amazing Prestel Publishing. The book will become available to the public sometime in November. BRIGHT NIGHTS is an amazing book! The energy of Tod’s photos are explosive and the stories they tell are rich. I want to frame every photo from the book for my wall!


To celebrate this long-in-the-works labor of love, Tod will be having a solo show at Superchief Gallery in the LES on October 24th. Tod will be there selling/signing copies of BRIGHT NIGHTS. If you are in NYC stop by and say HI! He will be heading out on a book tour after that.


Alright who wants a copy of this amazing book? The good people at Prestel were kind enough to send us a couple ADVANCE copies to give to you! Its not even available to the public yet.

To win, take a look through the photos in the slideshow above from BRIGHT NIGHTS. Leave a comment below and tell us which photo is your favorite and why. I will choose two winners on Sunday, October 27th, 2013.

Big Congrats to….. Trisha McKee & Wes Jones! You have been randomly selected as the potential winners of the BRIGHT NIGHTS photo book! Please email us with your mailing address within 7 days to claim your prize!

  • Dre Day

    I’d love a copy! It’s vibrant and gritty simultaneously.

  • Jesse

    This book is so rad!

  • Mark Stayton

    I love the girl crowd-surfing – perfect capture!

    • Jesse

      That is my favorite too, except my favorite seems to change daily! Thanks for the comment Mark

  • Tate

    I gotta have this! Great shots~

  • Tracy

    The photo of the burning car is amazing. Sort of bizarre and stood out to me. (p.s. hope you ship international!)

    • Jesse

      I love that one too Tracy! If you win, of course we will ship internationally!

  • Jessa Marie

    Gorgeous photos! Would love to win one of the books as mentioned in Instagram!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the comment Jessa! Glad you saw our Instagram post. Which is your favorite photo from the slideshow above?

      • Jessa Marie

        Hard to say but it’s probably between the car on fire and the city in lights from the scaffolding

        • Jesse

          Awesome! I love those two as well.

  • Travelwanderings

    My favourite is the last one, with the shopping cart, the fence, the leaves, and the wings. It looks a bit mystical, but the skyline is so REAL! Love it.

  • hangontite2000

    The picture of the burning car is both awesome and sad at the same time. It tells a story in of itself. I picture being lonely in a city full of people and burning up and nobody is around to help you.

  • Evelyn Chuter

    I would love a copy of this awesome book. I can’t decide which picture I like the best, but 3rd picture of the band and party kind of reminded my of the punk rock days of The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. Not the band so much as the establishment and dress of the girls. These pictures Rock!

  • Anda Alexandra

    Pick me! Pick me! My bday is Saturday 😀 I think that the burning car would be the one… very sad one…

  • alexaaaaaander

    Choosing a favorite image from this series is like being forced to pick your favorite child. But if I found myself in a fiery inferno and had no choice, I’d close my eyes and pray I grabbed that F’ing amazing image from the What Cheer? Brigade (image_6)

    • Jesse

      haha – good point!

  • Becca

    love the gorilla face dude photo, this book is amazing, if I don’t win one will buy one for sure!

  • Shel

    OMG! That Budweiser-butt-girl-crowdsurfing photo is so RAD! Definitely my favorite. I need this book. Please, please please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please pick me. Did I mention that I really want this book?

  • Glossome

    I’m stunned by how beautiful these photos are. I love the winged girl and the chain link fence. Everything in this image looks so cold and stark, but the girl looks cozy and warm– just like New York, which is everything, all at once, always.

  • Robert Moon

    I love image 8/8 of the shopping cart caught in the chain linked fence with a woman with wings in the foreground and a sea of birds in the background. there’s quite a bit of chaotic energy with the three main focus of attention and are in complete harmony. just a gorgeous moment caught in time.

    • Jesse

      We love that moment too!

  • Erick Kaneda

    Fourth photo. That’s how i get the subway every day..

    (so, do you ship to Brazil? haha)

    • Jesse

      haha, if you win, yes, we will ship to Brazil

  • Wes Jones

    Wow!!! this is really amazing stuff. So many memories can up when looking at this. From the Burning car I saw in Bushwhick a few years back to the crazy underground parties in Brooklyn. But out of all of them I would have to say the shopping cart on the chain linked fence with the woman with wings is pretty amazing. The imagery just sums up a lot of what New York is to many people.

  • Sherkan Malik

    FREAKIN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS. Really capture the bright vibrant life of New York. Love the masked drummer and the polka dot party girl my favourites by far.

    • Jesse

      love those two as well

  • Sherkan Malik

    Underground New York is where street culture begins from JUST AMAZING

  • crystal s

    I love the picture with all of them out by the water. Carefree and looks like they are having a great time!

    • Jesse

      Looks fun doesn’t it?

  • trisha mckee

    I love the guy in the mask at the drums with people around playing instruments and dancing- it just portrays such a random moment of celebration and true chaotic fun – the type of scene I wish I had experienced more of when i was young.

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  • ideagrafika

    I love the one with shopping cart and an “angel”. It is so strong in meaning but not so obvious for interpretation. Everyone can read it’s meaning as he likes. I read it as symbol of nowadays consumption madness and peoples dream of being completely free.

  • Jesse

    Big Congrats to….. Trisha McKee & Wes Jones! You have been randomly selected as the potential winners of the BRIGHT NIGHTS photo book! Please email us with your mailing address within 7 days to claim your prize!

    • trisha mckee

      Thank you so much!!

    • Wes Jones

      Thank you, super excited to have a copy.

  • creative

    that picture of the car on fire its from a mo
    vie on 2011 called “perfect sense”

  • saad

    devil worship…