Broadway Market by David Walby in London, UK

This shot is from Broadway Market, Hackney, close to where the Olympics are happening. They have finished renovating the street, but during the process restaurants lining the road placed diners in the construction zone next to diggers on under-construction tarmac. With the Olympics going on, it’s great to see London still doing its thing, and before the Olympics people found ways around all the construction work going on in this part of town.

Name:David Walby

Place you live: London

Place your photo was taken: Broadway Market, Hackney, London

Can you sum up London? Insanely vibrant (both the people & the scenery) & never a dull moment to be had. Broadway Market itself neighbours a gorgeous canal littered with street art & canal boats selling books, music & all sorts of things (I’ve included another one of my photo’s showing some street art along the canal). London is the definition of hustle & bustle.

Occupation: Digital media manager

Preoccupation: Photography, music, parties, good food & herb – the best things in life!

A perfect day in London? Pub crawl around East London in the sunshine, sampling lots of boutique beers & ales from around the world, ending at the canal, chilling with friends, eating fine barbequed food & maybe smoking a little something. Pure. Bliss. That’s not even mentioning the hundreds of galleries & free events around London (There are more than 32,000 music performances a year in London – 621 a week, 17% of which are free!)

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Definitely check out as much of London’s nightlife as possible, maybe starting at a pop-up restaurant for a meal, then sampling the immense choice of venues with DJs & live acts which happens pretty much every night of the week. During the Olympics there are loads of free/cheap music events – for example this weekend there’s BT River of Music, which sees six stages along the Thames simultaneously host music acts from around the globe, representing every nation partaking in the Olympics.

A perfect meal in London? Too many to single out one – there’s a great Argentinian steakhouse on Broadway Market called Buen Ayre, steaks are too good to even bother trying to describe (this place is open from 9am to 10.30pm during the Olympics – steak for breakfast!) There’s also an amazing Italian called Ciao Bella with a great atmosphere on Lamb’s Conduit Street, and a great Arabian-Spanish fusion tapas bar called Morito that sells pork belly bites with cumin & lemon to die for!

What is the best thing about your spot? Never a boring minute in London, let alone day.

What is the worst? Prices of everything!

A little known fact about where you live? Nobody actually cares for the Royal Family except old people!

Where is your favorite place in the world? Chilling in Pub on the Park on a glorious summer’s day (which we don’t get too many of in London)

Who are your three favourite photographers? Really digging Markel RedondoJustin Carrasquillo & Matthias Heiderich.