Caesars Palace Las Vegas Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Arielle Vey to Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to create a Caesars Palace Travel Guide. Caesars has evolved over 50 years, becoming a part of American culture and earning a place in the minds of millions worldwide. When Caesars Palace opened in Las Vegas in 1966, the vision was to offer every man a taste of the good life. Every man could live like a Caesar. Hence, there is no apostrophe in “Caesars.” Caesars is the only place where spectacular things happen all the time—any given year, any given week, any given moment—which is why Caesars is renowned for being “Routinely Spectacular.” Arielle created an incredible travel guide full of beautiful photos, secrets and destination tips just for you.

Name: Arielle Vey

Occupation? Lifestyle Photographer and Content Producer

Preoccupation? Wedding Photographer

Place you live? Oceanside, California

How long have you lived there? 8 Years

Can you sum up Vegas in a paragraph? Las Vegas is like an adult playground in the realest sense and there is always something to do. What’s great about the Las Vegas Strip, in particular, is that you can take a quick stroll up the street and explore the area with ease. The number of fun activities, restaurants, shows, and sights is completely unmatched. Whatever entertains you is available in abundance in Vegas and you can have a blast on a budget or live like a celebrity. The weather can get pretty toasty, especially during the summer months, but that’s all the more reason to hit the pool, grab a drink and explore the many beautiful hotels and casinos along the Strip and beyond.

What is the best thing about Vegas? It is very hard to pick out what the best thing about Las Vegas is, but in my opinion, it is the variety of places to see and things to do. Sometimes when you travel to a place you can feel stuck in doing whatever that location has available or what a certain hotel can offer, but not in Vegas! It doesn’t matter what time of day, the day of the week, or where you are staying; there is always something to do. And while you can spend all of your time within a one-block radius of where you are staying, you’re also not far away from experiencing something completely different and amazing just up the street.

What is a common misperception about Vegas? A common misperception about Las Vegas is that it isn’t for families. I could not disagree more! As you walk along the strip you can’t help but notice billboards and advertisements for all kinds of shows and events. Between the games, museums, shows, and rides, you can find something to do as a family that will make everyone happy! There is truly something for everyone of any age to enjoy.

What are the people like in Vegas? The people of Las Vegas want you to have a good time. People will go out of their way to be extra accommodating, whether it’s a friendly staff member of a hotel you are staying at, or a vendor on the street giving great advice on local attractions. It’s important to remember that Las Vegas is a melting pot of people from all over the world, so it doesn’t take long to make a new friend and share in the fun!

If Vegas was a person or character who would it be? Any Jim Carey character from the nineties. Exciting. Fun. And full of surprises.

Tell us about your positive experience at Caesars Palace. I had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful and renowned, Caesars Palace. Each experience during this trip was special in its own way. From the effortless ride into town from the airport to the many positive interactions with the staff around Caesar’s Palace, this place consistently reminded me of how a great a hotel experience can be.

A great example of this is when my husband and I first arrived at the resort. We had a million questions about the property and things to do nearby and the staff at the front desk were beyond patient and had the best recommendations and attitude. Giving that personal touch to spend some time with us and make our experience unique was the perfect starting point for our time in Las Vegas.

What did you love about Caesars Palace? There is so much to love throughout Caesars Palace. The map that you are given when you first check in resembles something like Disneyland. When we were able to get our bearings and know where certain areas were that were important to us, it put us more at ease. And while the grounds can seem really big, you can go from one end to the other within just a short walk.

The room we stayed in was on the 45th floor of the Augustus Tower. Caesars refers to this room as a “King Spa Suite” which comes with a King-Sized Bed, a personal sauna, and a Jacuzzi Tub (that pours from the ceiling!). Not to mention one of the most amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip you can see.

Everything about Caesars Palace is beautifully detailed. The architecture and the art, the games and the amenities, and all of the available restaurants, everything is perfectly planned out. And when it’s time to leave your room or step away from the amazing pool areas, the location of Caesars Palace could not be more perfect to do some exploring around the city.

Tell us about the activities you participated in at Caesars Palace. Caesars Palace has some of the best restaurants and bar areas available on the Strip and my husband and I were able to spend some time at the Pronto Wine Bar by Giada inside of Caesars Palace. We were recently on our honeymoon in Positano, Italy, where we were amazed by the food, architecture, and people. What’s great about Pronto is that it gave us both the same vibes as the Amalfi Coast. The wine selection is great, the food options are just like they are in Italy, and the gelato is right on point. We were blown away by the lemon ricotta cookies and it became our go-to spot before hitting the pool.

If your best friend was visiting Caesars Palace hotel for 24 hours, what would you suggest they do? If I had a friend that was visiting Las Vegas for a day I would tell them to pack light and be ready to take in a show and go for a walk. One of the best things about Vegas is that pretty much everything you would want to do is within walking distance or a short cab ride. There are so many options for attractions and restaurants that you really can’t go wrong, but staying at Caesars Palace offers some really unique opportunities.

You can wake up and go down to Pronto by Giada, a great wine bar and casual Italian restaurant located on the main floor, and have an incredible breakfast that serves amazing pastries and made-to-order smoothies. In the afternoon you can head over to the Forum Shops at Caesars to check out one of the 160 stores available where there is definitely something for everyone.

After that, you have to go to a dinner and a show. Hell’s Kitchen, which is right next to Caesars Palace, has some of the best food on The Strip and with a great atmosphere, especially if you are familiar with the show. The sticky toffee pudding is a must!

And when it comes to deciding which show to see, just go with your gut. It doesn’t really matter what you pick because as long as the show is within a few blocks of Caesars, you know it’s going to be good.





Best place to eat: 

The world’s first Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. The restaurant draws inspiration from the hit reality television show and makes guests will feel like they are on the studio set.

Best place to drink:

Pronto by Giada or The Velveteen Rabbit

Best place to shop:

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, which has about 160 specialty stores and fine restaurants and attractions.

Best indoor activity:

VooDoo Zipline, Kiss Mini Golf and the brand new live music venue, 172, in the Rio.

Travel tip:

Pack layers and bring a great pair of comfortable shoes. Layers are important to bring because while it can be warm outside, all of the hotels and casinos are temperature controlled. And comfortable shoes are essential for exploring the strip.

Best Place to Stay

Caesars Palace Las Vegas