Capitalism by Marcel Kaczmarek in Warsaw, Poland

These postcards are shown in pairs, one with a photo of modernist Soviet architecture and the other one exactly the same although covered with “ugly” ads that are everywhere in our city. This is to emphasize the early capitalism issue in our country, when advertisement just went too far.

Name:Marcel Kaczmarek

Place you live: Warsaw, Poland

Place your postcards were designed for? Warsaw, Poland

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Preoccupation: Graphics and Photography

A perfect day in Warsaw? A warm summer day filled with arty events that you run to and from, finished with a beer in the afternoon sunlight and an outside music party in one of the new places that always appear on the cultural map of Warsaw every summer.

For the visitor: See the city panorama from Palace of Culture and Science; take a ride with the only underground line we have; see our new National Stadium; grab a kebab and visit Praga on the east side of Vistula River to feel an urban difference of the city.

A perfect meal? When I used to study architecture in Warsaw, I was totally in love with classic Polish canteen bars. (“Bar Mleczny” – literally “milk bar”) You could buy anything you wish from our national cuisine for a fraction of regular price.

A little known fact about Warsaw: The whole city was destroyed during WWII and then totally rebuilt by its citizens. Detailed plans of the Old Town made by architecture students before the war had been found and then used to identically recreate that part of city.