Capture Every Moment by Daniel Klein in Netanya, Israel

Netanya is a beautiful beach front city in Israel.  The city is narrow and long, and in this way most of the people in Netanya live near the beach or a maximum 10 minutes from it.
The city is full of interesting people from all over the world which brings different cultures and colors here.  Netanya has a lot to offer, but my photos show our main attraction, the beach.

Name:Daniel Klein

Let my camera take me traveling the world to capture every moment.


I am a business student and a Photographer.

Tell us about the Netanya:

Netanya is located in the center of Israel, just 30 minutes from Tel Aviv, and 75 minutes from Jerusalem.  It is not a huge city, approximately 230K people live here.  You can find anything you want here from delicious food to classic music concerts.

A perfect day?

My perfect day for me is a 25c temperature sunny day at the beach, eating a watermelon.

What is the best thing about Netanya?

The location. It’s not Tel Aviv which is full of traffic, but it’s very close.  In general, Israel is a small country so there is never a very long drive and that is very nice.

What is the worst?

Sometimes the weather can be too hot to go out.  In August it can get as high as 45c on the worst days.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

A big surprise will be that in the center of Netanya you will hear mostly French or Russian being spoken more than you will hear Hebrew.

If your Netanya was a person or character who would it be?

Someone with a hot temper.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Ziv Koren– a photographer, Chopin and Dan Brown.


Name:Daniel Klein


Favorite place to eat:

El Gaucho

Favorite place to drink:

Shtamper Cafe

Favorite shop:

Massimo Dutti

Local Tip:

The best hummus and falafel can be found in Netanya!
For best hummus go to: Hummus Uzi
For best falafel try: Falafel Musa
They are both in the center and close to each other, just write the name of the places and ask someone on the street if you need help.