Cascade Summit by Valerie Manne in Adirondacks, New York

When people think of New York, most think it is all one big city. It’s rare that people know anything other than the city, let alone what people call “upstate NY”. But there is much more than the city, the Adirondack’s are filled with beautiful mountains and forests. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Name:Valerie Manne

Place you live: Adirondacks, New York

Place your photo was taken: Cascade Summit

Can you sum up the Adirondacks? Plenty of small towns scattered around mountains. So hiking, camping, backpacking, any sort of exploring is the thing to do.

Occupation: Student

Preoccupation: Photography, traveling, hiking, etc.

A perfect day in spot? Planning a day hike, ending with a night around a campfire.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Explore.

A perfect meal? I would have to say stop at Steak & Seafood in Lake Placid and order the prime rib. It will not let you down.

What is the best thing about your spot? It is not as crowded as other parks.

What is the worst? Living here, you’re pretty far from any large city.

A little known fact about where you live? “The Adirondack Park spans 6.1 million acres and is larger than the state of Massachusetts. In fact, several National Parks could fit inside the Blue Line (the line on a map that designates the outline of the park), including Glacier, Yosemite, the Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.”


Where is your favorite place in the world? This is a tough one. I would really like to plan a trip to Europe, but so far Yosemite always seems to come to mind.

Who are your three favorite photographers? It varies with what inspires me at the time. Lately I’ve been enjoying Kevin Russ‘ photos though.

  • AdkBuddy

    The Adirondacks are not really a park. Half of it is private property.

    • Shane Sloan


  • Carol Nye

    Yes, we live here and we work here!! The only disadvantage is that we are an hour and a half from Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc.
    The biggest advantage?? The people are friendly. Go to a Stewart’s on Christmas Day, because you ran out of something, and every one wishes their fellow shoppers a Merry Christmas…The same goes for other holidays…you may not know these people, but they speak to you anyway. If you car is broken down on the side of the road, someone will stop to help you.
    AND, we have good restaurants, for whatever your appetite is begging for: Bima’s for pizza or a fancy meal in their dining room. The Swiss Kitchen for great blue berry pancakes! Main Street Restaurant serves REAL maple syrup. And, The Lumberjack serves breakfast all day long, if you want.
    Our motels are first class with one that allows pets. Another on the “lake” will rent you a boat to enjoy the water.
    Many Tupper Lakers become snow birds when they retire, but with hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, boating and fishing, it is a year round vacation spot.Thirty miles from Lake Placid and Whiteface you can don your snow pants and watch bobsledding or World skiing tryouts! Oh, and don’t forget skating and hockey!! What more could you want!

  • Vicki Dukette

    Why mention Tupper and talk about Lake Placid? If you are an outdoor person there is so much to do here from hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, camping, and snow shoeing. Yes we do not have the bigger stores but we do have family owned business’s. And the community is great when it comes to helping someone out when in need.

  • Valerie Manne

    This post was meant for the Adirondacks as a whole, not just a particular town/city.

  • Rickey LaFlamme

    A gorgeous 6.1 million acre park and those are the best photos that could be provide. A highway?!? Ugliest picture of the 18… AZ looks more mountainous.

  • Shane Sloan

    I understand why you mentioned Placid, as TL is essentially devoid of business (1. Negating the claim to top 25 places in the process & 2. Further doing damage to the business community of TL) but as I recall there is some mighty fine poutine right there at Rheaomes. Best this side of the Quebec border I’m told.

  • bronovan2

    Don’t forget that Tupper Lake also has three GREAT places for campers in general, Fish Creek, Rollins Pond and Blue Jay. Personally, I love to go to Little Italy for pizza too. The manager is born and brought up in Tupper Lake. The mountains surrounding the village in every direction are great for hiking. And yes, the people in Tupper always look out for each other. It was a great place for us to grow up in as kids and it’s dwarfed by it’s “other two lake towns” because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Hopefully, Big Tupper, the local ski slope that was just re-opened last year after sitting idle for many years, will make a huge comeback. It’s arguably the best skiing in the area according to many avid skiers. Tupper, dear old Tupper, has a very interesting history, thus the lumberjack logo fits in. I would have posted a different pic too, almost anything around the village could top that one.

  • Tim Holmes

    Thank you Valerie for taking the time to submit Tupper Lake and get us some great exposure.

  • Andrea Dumas

    Why do people complain? No matter what she mentioned, she made the article. Yes, the Adirondacks has so so so many great spots. Yes, we may have to travel for shopping, fancy dinners, and other attractions. The one thing we get to enjoy free is clean living,the mountains, lakes,ponds,walking trails and general friendly people. Congratulations for taking the time to submit your picture, your thoughts and what you enjoy about the Adirondacks.

  • Dana Palmer

    Being “dumb” (from the South), I would like to ask, “what do they wear in Tupper, NY ? Ah, is it Tupperware ?