City Vineyards by Christa Paustenbaugh in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart is a unique city that not only has rich history, but a modern industry as well. Tourists can go from a state of the art high-end auto museum to viewing half timber houses and churches that are hundreds of years old. There is rarely a weekend that goes by that you cannot find a festival within the city or one of it’s suburban villages. Although a major city in Germany, Stuttgart has amazing countryside scenery that can be found right in the middle of the city. Vineyards throughout the region boast patchwork of color before the cold sets in and are amazing to see from the autobahn, on the way to the market, etc.


Name:Christa Paustenbaugh



We are a military family on our 2nd overseas assignment and I couldn’t be happier. Traveling keeps me going and teaches my children more about what the world has to offer and makes each place unique.

Tell us about Stuttgart:

Stuttgart is an amazing city nestled in the Southwest area of Germany. Within 1.5 hours we can be in three different countries with many different types of scenery, food and languages. It boasts historical treasures, but also has some of the most modern features that a city can offer. Outdoor activities abound no matter the weather and everyone who lives here takes advantage of that fact.

A perfect day?

A perfect day is taking a run through the intricate trail system and getting lost along the way to find new areas and routes. After that it’s off to downtown Stuttgart via the train system for shopping, eating, people watching and street performers. As is typical in Germany we would find ourselves in a small village near Stuttgart afterwards to enjoy more history, food and drink.

What is the best thing about Stuttgart?

Ease of travel, great beer, pretzels, and fast cars.

What is the worst?

Traffic. All of the greatness comes with a price.

What would be surprising about Stuttgart to an outsider?

Germans do not drink warm beer. It’s all cold and not all is dark. Germany also has amazing pastries on nearly every corner.

If Stuttgart was a person or character who would it be?

The Fast and The Furious meets Eat, Pray, Love.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Dave Grohl, Dorothea Lange, Maya Angelou


Name:Christa Paustenbaugh


Favorite place to eat:

Anything off the beaten path.

Favorite place to drink:

The Auld Rogue

Favorite shop:

Merz & Benzing

Local Tip:

When in doubt always take the train to your destination. Easy to use and saves your road rage reserves.

Must Do:

Eat a pretzel, drink a beer and walk through one of the many historical villages.