Coastal Living by Kelly Edmiston in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

Beaufort is a quaint, seaside town located on the coast of South Carolina in an area known as the Lowcountry. If you are familiar with Charleston, South Carolina, Beaufort is a smaller version. This shot was taken on the western end of a local community called Habersham. Equipped with a wooden swing, this spot serves as the perfect location for taking in a coastal sunset, listening to the pluff muddle gurgle, or watching the tide come in and out of the marsh area via the Broad River. During cooler months, my dog Max and I would venture down and frolic in the marsh at low tide. Max hunted for fiddler crabs while I looked for drift wood and other goodies the sea may have left behind. I no longer live in Habersham, but the tranquility of this particular spot will always be a gentle reminder of my love for the Lowcountry.

Name:Kelly Edmiston

Adventurer, Writer, Copy Editor


Scouting photography websites, blogs, and social media for my latest adventure. My bookmarks and idea folders are bulging. Wanderlust is my middle name.

Tell us about the place you live:

A small, seaside town, Beaufort is technically an island. It’s located on the stretch of coast between the more well known cities of Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. Beaufort holds its own for quaintness and things to do, and is a great dose of “local” if that’s what you’re interested in. It is also strong in the Gullah culture, and known for it’s authentic southern charm.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be waking up before sunrise and driving to Hunting Island State Park, a natural beach, to watch the day rise in all its glory. After a long meander down the beach (taking photos, of course), a must-stop coffee break is needed at Common Ground in downtown Beaufort. A small cafe located overlooking the Waterfront Park, Common Ground is the perfect spot to sit on the porch and take in the slow, southern charm that is Beaufort. Once your thirst is quenched, walk down Bay Street where you will find southern-themed shops, and one-of-kind art featuring the iconic scenes of the Lowcountry. Lunch at Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe is always a good bet, where you will find an amazing pimento grilled cheese sandwich. Take home some locally made chow-chow, creole, or sweet potato butter for good measure. Once lunch has been had, take to the side streets for some outstanding photographic opportunities – think antebellum homes and architecture, centuries old oak trees draped in Spanish moss, and depending on the season, flowers of all shapes, colors, and scents (magnolias, azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas, and wisteria). A must-see spot is the St. Helena’s Episcopal Church and grounds, which includes a graveyard full of history from the American Revolution and the Civil War. End your walking tour with dinner at the Saltus River Grill. If you’re tired of eating out, smother some rice with that aforementioned jar of creole, adding local shrimp for tasty flare. Rich is culture and nature, Beaufort provides ample opportunity for those “perfect days.”

What is the best thing about your spot?

Mother Nature has blessed the Lowcountry with some of the most beautiful sights: the ocean, the marsh, blue herons, white egrets, live oak trees, Spanish moss, big skies, low lying clouds, fresh air, and sunshine almost every day of the year. In reference to this area, I have a saying: “I do not tell a lie when I say the sun always shines at some point.” Even on the greyest, cloudiest days, the sun will make an appearance, never leaving you with those dreaded days of grey/white smothering skies like some other places I’ve lived. With sunshine anything is possible!

What is the worst?

The tourism, and the influx of outsiders coming into the area and making it more “suitable” to their needs. Respect the culture and the people, always, no matter where you go. Things are the way they are for a reason, and sometimes slower is better.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

The charm. Sure it’s the South, and yes, it’s the coast, but Beaufort has a charm that’s undeniable and also contagious!

If your city was a person or character who would it be?

Eudora Welty

Who are three of your favorite artists?

William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and the Avett Brothers


Name:Kelly Edmiston


Favorite place to eat:

Saltus River Grill

Favorite place to drink:

Common Ground

Favorite shop:

Fordham Market

Local Tip:

January and February are also great months to visit. Everyone thinks summer and fall are the best times, but in late winter you have less tourists, and the early signs of spring (and a break in humidity!). A must see: hot pink azaleas nestled in with live oaks laden with Spanish moss.

Must Do:

Take a short half hour drive out to Hunting Island State Park. It’s a natural beach, which means the erosion is taking place as it would…well, if humans weren’t involved. This makes for an ever changing scene, and of course, lots of downed trees make for great photographic moments.