Connection by Ben Heine in Brussels, Belgium

I took this photo during the 2010 Gay Pride in the centre of Brussels, Belgium.There was a lot of people in the street. The heavy smoke was artificial and it stayed only a few seconds, so I took this picture very quickly. I feel there is a story happening in this photo, there is a connection between each person.

Name:Ben Heine

Place you live: Brussels, Belgium

Place your photo was taken: Near the Grand Place of Brussels, the most famous place of the city

Occupation: Full time visual creator (painter, illustrator, photographer)

Preoccupation: Love and Happiness

A perfect day in Brussels? When the sun is shining, everyday is awesome. (we don’t have much sun here in Belgium)

For the visitor? Drink some beer, eat some chocolate and waffles, see The Atomium, The Grand Place, The Manneken Pis and meet me (LOL!)

A perfect meal? Waterzooi, Fries, Mossels.

A little known fact about where you live? Brussels is also the European capital, we have all the important European institutions here, which is really nice.