Cool Ass City by Ben Clement in Melbourne

Melbourne in the summer is a great place. After being subjected to a long winter we are really eager to get to the surrounding beaches in the bay. There are a few spots we go to at least three or four times a week.

In the city, there are always interesting characters around and everyone is just happy to be out in the sun. These photos are part of an unreleased series called Pier Pressure – All We Love We Leave Behind. There is a whole back story to it but it boils down to how we try and hold on to the summer months for as long as possible.

Name:Ben Clement



Coffee, printed matter, basketball, my dog.

Tell us about Melbourne:

Melbourne is a cool ass city. It’s bike friendly and a walking city. There’s good food on every street and more cafes serving good coffee than most cities. It’s chill to get around and the beach is close by. The weather is pretty temperamental, but you do have to plan for it. There is a solid crew of creative people here pushing boundaries and working hard.

A perfect day?

Wake up super early, walk the dog and then drink a good coffee. If the weather is super hot, drive an hour down to the beach and swim all day, then eat Tripy Taco for dinner.

What is the best thing about Melbourne?

The people.

What is the worst?

Currently, the lack of bigger jobs.

What would be surprising about Melbourne to an outsider?

You’d probably be surprised at the amount of cafes, weirdos on the trams and bats flying over the city, and the weird slang words.

If Melbourne was a person who would it be?

I’m just making this up, but Wes Anderson is cool.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Currently Thomas PriorGeoff Mcfetridge and James Turrell.


Name:Ben Clement


Favorite place to eat:

Peko Peko

Favorite place to drink:

Everyday Coffee and Auction Rooms

Favorite shop:

Modern Times, Doomsday and Mag Nation

Must Do:

Go to the National Gallery and drive down the bay to a nice beach.