Cremation by Ryan Libre in Baan Mea Jo, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cremation of a high ranking Buddhist abbot. The villagers built a special building for him, just to burn it down a few days later with his body inside. The ceremony went on for days.

Name:Ryan Libre

Place you live: Baan Mea Jo, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Place your photo was taken: This photo was made in the temple in my village,  I live in a handmade adobe hut, a 15 minute walk from the village on the border of a National Park.

Can you sum up Baan Mea Jo? A picturesque Thai village at the end of a road 55km outside the city of Chiang Mai Thailand. If you pass this village the road changes to dirt and you go to a hill-tribe village then into a national park. It is also home of PunPun Thailand and the Panya Project,  both wonderful adobe building and self-reliance centers.

Occupation: Documentary photographer / film maker / photo Gallery & Festival director

Preoccupation: visual story telling : photo books & essays – documentary films – cinema

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Walk around to see the 100+ adobe houses in all different shapes and sizes.

A perfect meal? Pak-boon-fai-dang (fried morning glory)  it grows wild and the chillies grow like weeds here. No need to go to a store or even a farm really.  Just pick it and cook it for 2 minutes (not more) and enjoy.

What is the best thing about your spot?  My neighbors, PunPun and Panya

Where is your favorite place in the world? After 15 years on the road its my adobe hut. I don’t get to spend a lot of time there, but I really enjoy it.

Favorite photographers? Right now I would say  W. Eugene SmithEd Kashi & Margaret Bourke White