Cultural Capital by Marie-Eve Vllieres in Montreal, Canada

Travel writer Marie-Eve Vallieres describes Montreal as a city that can be experienced through all five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.  She certainly heightens our sense of sight through her photographs of the city’s architecture.  Check out her vibrant cityscapes and be sure to follow her on Instagram here: @mevallieres

Name:Marie-Eve Vllieres

Place you live:  Montreal, Canada

Occupation:  Travel writer

Preoccupation:  Finding the right words to convey what a destination is about.

Place your Instagrams were taken? Montreal, Canada

Can you sum up Montreal?  Montreal is a sensual city in that it truly appeals to all senses: sight, for its stunning architecture spanning three centuries; smell, for its lovely gardens and mature boreal trees; touch, for its dozens of interactive and forward-thinking activities; taste, for its endlessly surprising food scene; and hearing, for its alternative bands.

What is a perfect day in Montreal?  Start the day with a bagel from Fairmont and a coffee from Cafe Myriade, followed by boutique-hopping in the Mile End (Vestibule, Unicorn, V de V, Boucle & Papier).  Go to the top of Mont-Royal for the view.  Hightail it to Aux Vivres for a healthy vegan lunch and Instagram the tree-lined streets of Plateau in the afternoon, stopping for a treat at Réplika.  Take the métro to Old Montreal to admire the 18th century architecture, have drinks at Flyfin before walking to Place Ville Marie and admiring the sunset from the top floor.  Have dinner at La Habanera.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both?  I shoot with both for the sake of my blog and articles, but I only ever post phone shots to Instagram.  I’m a purist.

What is your editing process?  I only ever use Instagram’s tool, nothing else. Less is more.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers?  Less is more. This applies to filters, captions, and followers.  Fewer, but better is always the preferred option.

Who are your three favorite photographers?  I love, love, love @inayali, @stefankarlstrom and @scwilder.

What is the most amazing travel experience you’ve ever had?  Seeing the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle in Norway.

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Name:Marie-Eve Vllieres


Best place to eat:

Le Serpent in Old Montreal

Best place to drink:

Le mal nécessaire, a Tiki bar in Chinatown (don’t ask)

Best outdoor activity:

Ice skating to disco music in Old Montreal

Must do (for the traveler):

Eat your weight in bagels.  Montreal’s are better than New York’s (sorry).

Local tip:

Don’t bother with a car.  Montreal is best seen on foot.