Curio Collection Local Guide, Hamburg

We sent Andy Suryandi, Hamburg local and blogger extraordinaire, to Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton to experience the beautiful hotel, shoot some photos, and create a Curio Local Guide for this German city. It’s full of tips and local secrets just for you.

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Name? Andy Suryandi

Occupation? Fashion blogger/stylist and Instagram influencer.

Studies? Master’s student at University of Hamburg, studying International Business and Sustainability.

Preoccupation? Assistant Department Manager for Anson’s, a menswear store in Hamburg.

How long have you lived in your current city? I moved to Hamburg in January 2008.

What is the best thing about Hamburg? Hamburg is known worldwide for its beauty. The city is charming, with a classic European style and elegance. Several regions are protected by the government to keep the city truly original and unique, like Speicherstadt (UNESCO). Also, some interiors are protected by the government, like the round doors at Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton.

Can you sum up Hamburg? Elegant, picturesque and vibrant.

What is a perfect day in Hamburg? Start your day off by enjoying a coffee at Konditorei Lindtner in Eppendorf, one of the oldest patisseries in Hamburg with a Vienna touch established 75 years ago. Once you enter, you experience the atmosphere of a typical European coffee house, which has always been an important cultural social gathering place. Proceed by taking a shopping tour at the Alster Haus and the surrounding shops then take in the views by treating yourself to a glass of wine on one of the thousand marvelous city center terraces. For dinner, I would highly recommend the restaurant located in the center of Hamburg, Die Bank Restaurant, equipped with phenomenal chefs who create incredible dishes and a menu that changes every day. Die Bank Restaurant, a bank from the nineteenth century was redesigned with a magical touch into this incredible brasserie and bar.

Hamburg locals and tourists alike love summer and our summer street parades. During this season, we have many of them with all kinds of entertainment. Of course, traditionally German food and drinks are served as well. Best known are the German currywurst, Bratkartoffeln, sauerkraut, and bretzel.

For a relaxing afternoon, you should enjoy sunbathing and grilling with your close ones at Stadtpark. Due to the fact that Alster Lake flows under countless bridges and through almost every neighborhood in the city center, I would highly recommend renting a boat or a kayak in order to see the city from a unique perspective. It will make your local Hamburg experience even more unforgettable.

During winter, Hamburg brings out a different kind of beauty. The lovely Christmas Bazaar at the City Hall of Hamburg is one of the biggest bazaars during the holiday season. It is decorated with huge Christmas trees and Santa Claus visits daily, which is a great way to keep the children entertained. For adults who enjoy unique beverages, try a Glühwein. It’s a German tradition – a sort of spicy red wine and only available during the Christmas season.

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What are the people like in Hamburg? The city is very multicultural. People come from all over the world, which makes the city so eclectic. The local people also love to dress up nicely – whether it be for a simple dinner or an afternoon of shopping.

If Hamburg were a person, who would it be? It has the beauty of Angelina Jolie and it is as artistic as Picasso.

What was your impression of Reichshof Hamburg? Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton is incredibly charming due to the combination of classic and modern styles. The designers did a great job in terms of creating a modern feel while preserving the classic touch.

In my opinion, the overall quality of the hotel is stupendous, not only the interior but also the perfect quality of the services that are provided. As a student of International Business and Sustainability, a main factor for me is to recommend to my readers where to stay or what to wear with an emphasis on sustainable products.

Overall, it was a great impression and it felt like home because of the kindness and professionalism of the team.

What was your experience like dining at the slowman Restaurant? I felt like I jumped into a time machine and went back to the 1920s but with a modern spin. When I visited the slowman Restaurant in the hotel, it immediately reminded me of a Gatsby party. During dinner, I was surprised how they value their concept of food, as well as regional sourcing and sustainability. No chemicals are used in the process of growing vegetables, meats or other ingredients. I was so impressed with slowman Restaurant because it’s not easy to provide such quality and locally-sourced food on a competitive level, but the chefs succeed in making it happen.

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If your best friend was visiting Hamburg, what would you have him or her do?

I would recommend the following schedule:

9:00 Breakfast at the hotel. Try the multi-nuts cereal with mixed fresh fruit.

10:00 Walk out to Central Station right outside the hotel’s doors to the Mönckebergstraße shopping district to explore. From there, head straight to the City Hall of Hamburg, to take one of the tours provided on an hourly basis. Admire the interior of the gorgeous building as well as the picturesque views inside and outside on Jungfernstieg.

11:30 Bus transfer to Speicherstadt where people used to export and import merchandise, herbs and spices. Nowadays, they use this area for a showroom, office and warehouse.

12:30 Take a coffee break at Die Rösterei Cafe at Speicherstadt. Sustainability and fair trade comes first to them.

13.30 Continue to the next discovery at Landungsbrücken. It is well known that Hamburg has many bridges, so it is where you can see the true beauty of Hamburg.

14:00 During a walking tour of Landungsbrücken, take time to have lunch on the harbor, where they serve all kinds of seafood dishes.

16:00 Next to the Landungsbrücken, visit the famous Fishmarket at Dockland, where the 6th floor offers a beautiful view of the harbor and Hamburg.

17:30 Take your time getting back to Hamburg Center, but from the other side of the harbor. Enjoy St. Pauli and Repeerbahn, the world-famous nightlife spot for all ages.

19:00 Once back in the hotel, have a refreshment at Bar 1910 as well as a nice shower.

20:30 Enjoy dinner and musical entertainment by the chef at the slowman Restaurant.

22:30 Time to party at Clouds Bar, with a skyline view to truly enjoy Hamburg’s light up skyline by night.




Hamburg, Germany

Best place to eat?

Slowman Restaurant

Best place to drink?

Bar 1910

Best place to shop?


Best activity?

Sunbathing and grilling at the Binnenalster, which is the lake situated in the middle of Hamburg.

Where to stay?

Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton