Curio Collection Local Guide, Lexington

We sent photographer extraordinaire Tiffany Mitchell to The Campbell House Lexington, Curio Collection by Hilton to experience the beautiful hotel, shoot some photos, and create a Curio Local Guide for Lexington, Kentucky full of tips and local secrets just for you.

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Name: Tiffany Mitchell

Occupation? Freelance Stylist/Photographer with a focus on Social Media (mainly Instagram!) and storytelling!

Preoccupation? Feeding people!

How long did you live in Lexington? I lived in Lexington for more than two years.

What is the best thing about Lexington? The best thing about Lexington is that for such a small and intimate place, it’s absolutely packed with boundary-pushing entrepreneurs and creatives. It’s the best of all worlds!

Can you sum up Lexington? I describe Lexington as Stars Hollow. If you’re a “Gilmore Girls” fan, you know what I mean. It’s a quirky little town with so many interesting things going on. You can plant yourself there and never get bored!

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What are the people like in Lexington? They’re friendly, welcoming and inspiring.

If Lexington were a person, who would it be? Lexington would be like the good friends who you always anticipate being around because they don’t hide what they’re excited about. They’re genuine, kind caring people who love to share their enthusiasm for this great community.

What was your first impression of The Campbell House Lexington?  I loved the beautiful southern architecture and the warm welcome I received! The team members were wonderful. They were all smiles and were genuinely excited to host me! The hotel reminded me of a historic plantation, infused with modern elements any traveler would appreciate. It was entirely lovely and picturesque. Perfectly fitting for a weekend “staycation” or stay of any length for that matter.

What was your experience like staying at The Campbell House Lexington? My experiences at The Campbell House were very unique, and the overall vibe is only something you can truly experience in this area. The welcome was wonderful, and the overall atmosphere felt like I was staying at someone’s beautiful house, rather than a hotel. The room was very comfortable and I was inspired by the decor that really captured the heart of horse country. The whole place was refreshingly photogenic thanks to its equestrian-themed yet modern decor. If you really want to treat yourself the King Deluxe Suites offer fireplaces and a wet bar. It was clean, minimal and cozy. I could have stayed for weeks!

Provisions Downtown Lex

If your best friend was visiting The Campbell House what would you have them do? A perfect day in Lexington would have to be in either spring or summer. I would have her start the morning at one of the good cafés like A Cup of Commonwealth or The Roastery (especially if you want gluten-free treats!) followed by a drive out to the country for Po’ boys at Windy Corner Market. I’d make sure she took her camera because that drive is beautiful! I’d have her eventually wind her way back into town and walk Second or Third Street to gawk at the gorgeous old homes, and then hit one of the lovely boutiques like Fable + Flame, Omar & Elsie or Morton James. I’d also make sure she visited National Provisions (pictured above.) It’s a market, bakery, restaurant, beer hall, and a really versatile and beautiful sampling of the style/food options Lexington has to offer. Plus, it’s only about a mile from The Campbell House! In the evening, I’d have her go to either County Club for insanely good barbecue or get a table near the open front doors at Le Deauville French Bistro. I always ask for one of Alice’s margaritas or a good local bourbon, served neat. Order anything on the menu and you’ll be blown away!




Lexington, Kentucky

Best place to eat: 

County Club or Le Deauville French Bistro

Best place to drink:

Table 310

Best place to shop:

Fable + Flame for beautifully curated home goods!

Best activity:

Explore the surrounding countryside!

Local tip:

Street parking is free after 5 p.m., and on weekends until 8 a.m. Monday.

Where to stay:

Campbell House Lexington, Curio Collection by Hilton