Daydreamer by Julie de Waroquier in Lyon, France

This photo shows the buildings and the streets that I’ve called home for 15 years. This area is between two rivers in Lyon, which makes the spot unique. This is a big street. Most of the time it’s filled with cars, but they’ve never prevented me from taking pictures in the middle of the street. This dreamy picture captures a girl who escapes her room to go to the magic city. I had to wait for the end of the day so that the light was golden and the street empty, except for this woman carrying her dreams.

Name:Julie de Waroquier



Creating fairy tales about reality.

Tell us about Lyon, France:

It is near the countryside and the mountains, filled with history and bright colors. The city is home to two rivers and two hills.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be hanging out by the rivers and drinking hot chocolate in vintage cafes in the Croix Rousse or Vieux Lyon quarters.

What is the best thing about Lyon?

Vivid culture, lots of vintage cafés, more restaurants than you can imagine (and have I mentioned the two rivers already?)

What is the worst?

The winter. There is black ice and everyone is slipping on the bridges. Wait, no, that is actually fun.

What would be surprising about Lyon to an outsider?

The mixture of old and modern.

If Lyon was a person or character who would it be?


Who are three of your favorite artists?

Three French photographers: Dorothy-Shoes, Le Turk, Alexandra Sophie


Name:Julie de Waroquier


Favorite place to eat:

La Gargotte

Favorite place to drink:

Le Tasse Livre

Favorite shop:

The second-hand book seller stands.

Local Tip:

There are actually three rivers in Lyon: the Rhône, the Saône, and the wine.

Must Do:

Go to as many restaurants as you can.