Delaware & Raritan Canal by Carlos Yordan in Princeton, New Jersey

While Princeton, NJ is home to Princeton University, the town offers a great variety of attractions for visitors and residents alike. One such attraction is the Delaware & Raritan Canal which traverses the outer edges of town. Many people fish, run or bike in the canal’s path, while many others like to kayak or canoe. I took this photograph on a warm fall afternoon. I was out walking when I saw this beautiful autumn scene. While many people may associate fall scenery with New England, New Jersey also provides some spectacular sights. If you are planning to visit Princeton, you should consider visiting in the fall. Come enjoy our beautiful parks, our great restaurants, wonderful shops, the picturesque campuses of Princeton University and the Princeton Theological Seminar, and our great arts scene.

Name:Carlos Yordan

College professor


While I love to travel, I also make time to explore my hometown. This fall I spent quite a bit of time exploring my hometown and neighboring communities, photographing moments that will live for a lifetime. And when I am not in New Jersey, I am usually visiting family in Maine or in Puerto Rico.

Tell us about Princeton:

New Jersey has many picturesque small towns and cities. Princeton is one of them. It is not only home to the fourth oldest university in the USA, but it is also home to the Institute for Advance Studies, Princeton Theological Seminary and Rider University’s Westminster Choir College. The town also has award-winning restaurants, a upscale shopping district, quaint bread and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and a vibrant arts scene. The McCarter Theater produces many musical shows, plays, and other events.

A perfect day?

On a warm day, we pick up the kids at school go to downtown Princeton where we get some food to go and then have a picnic in front of Princeton University’s Nassau Hall. Once it gets dark we go window shopping and end the night with ice cream.

What is the best thing about Princeton?

Princeton is located an hour by train (or by car depending on the time of day) from New York City and Philadephia. We get the best of both worlds. A small town, many organic farms, and access to two world-class cities.

What is the worst?

The traffic in Princeton during commencement or reunion weekend can be pretty bad.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

It is a small town but very cosmopolitan. While the institutions of higher learning do attract people from all over the world, many of our residents work for Fortune 500 companies headquartered or with major facilities in the region.

If Princeton was a person or character who would it be?

This is a difficult question. But, Princeton has a strong connection to Albert Einstein as he lived here for many years. And I do think that the town resembles his persona.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I love Ansel Adam‘s photography. A more contemporary artist would be Trey Ratcliff – his HDR photography though controversial in some circles – has inspired me to rethink the way I approach different subjects. I have also admired Steve McCurry‘s style of photojournalism.


Name:Carlos Yordan


Favorite place to eat:

Witherspoon Grill

Favorite place to drink:

Smallworld Coffee

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

If you plan to visit Princeton, avoid Princeton University’s commencement and reunions weekend.

Must Do:

Visit the Princeton University Museum, take a tour of the town, visit Turning Basin Park, check out what is playing at the McCarter Theater…