Destination Anytime by Sarah Thom in Melbourne, Australia

Summer in Melbourne is special. There is a feeling in the air. A feeling of excitement that takes over the place. On hot days everyone goes down to the beach after work for the sunset to take in the sun kissing the day farewell. This was one of those nights. I went down and luckily had my iPhone with me to capture the moment.

Name:Sarah Thom

Media Planner


Taking photos and thinking of the next place to travel. I’m a daydreamer!

Tell us about Melbourne:

Melbourne is a beautiful city full of events, cafes, bars and beaches. A place where you feel safe and there is beauty everywhere.

A perfect day?

Heading out to a café for breakfast and having some world class coffee and breakfast, followed by some time down the coast taking in the beautiful beaches and blues of the water. End the day watching the sunset over the beach and then head out for some night life in St Kilda.

What is the best thing about Melbourne?

You don’t have to travel far to see a sunset like this. There is always something happening and something to see. You are never bored!

What is the worst?


What would be surprising about Melbourne to an outsider?

Despite common beliefs it actually doesn’t rain here as much as Sydney!

If Melbourne was a person or character who would it be?

James Dean…cool, calm, understated.


Name:Sarah Thom


Favorite place to eat:

Cicciolina’s – Acland St, St Kilda

Favorite place to drink:

The Post, St Kilda
The Windsor Castle

Local Tip:

Take your camera to the hidden laneways in the city. There is some fantastic grafetti there.

Must Do:

-Check out the laneways in the city
-Head down the Great Ocean Road
-Take in a sunset and a beer in St Kilda
-Go to the National Gallery and look at the roof in the main hall