District Nights by Andrew Geraci in Washington, DC, USA

My video is all about the “District” (Washington, D.C.) at night. I wanted to offer people, who haven’t been able to visit our city, a chance to view it in a way like no other. I want people to enjoy the monuments and the sights at night when it can be difficult to get around.

Name:Andrew Geraci

Place you live: Alexandria, VA

Place your video was taken: Washington, DC

Can you sum up you spot? I live in a moderately busy area of Alexandria, VA, about 10 minutes away from central Washington, D.C. Traffic is ridiculous, the people are sometimes rude and everyone is always in a rush to get somewhere. The upside, however, is that the landscape of new and old architecture is fantastic and incredibly eye appealing.

Occupation: Multimedia Producer at the Washington Times

Preoccupation: Time-lapse Artist

What is a perfect day in Alexandria? The perfect day for me, as a time-lapse artist, is a nice sunny day with fluffy white clouds rolling past the monuments.

For the visitor? If you come to DC or Alexandria you must visit the local restaurants and shops in Old Town (Alexandria, VA) or Dupont Circle (Washington, D.C.). The food is great and the people are warm.

A perfect meal? There are too many places to eat that have my, “perfect” meal, but I’m partial to a great Mexican joint, Los Toltecos, on Duke St.

What is the best thing about your spot? The architecture and the rawness of people.

What is the worst? Traffic and people talking on their cell phones.

A little known fact? Alexandria’s streets (in old town) are named after royalty ranks (Queen, King, Prince, Duke… etc.)

Your favorite place in the world? I have two, Diego Garcia (Middle of the Indian Ocean) and anywhere in Arizona.