DK Guidebooks & Limited Edition Print Giveaway

To travel is to inspire the senses: the tastes, the smells, the sounds, the temperatures and especially the sights. We, at Global Yodel, almost always travel with guidebook in tow. They are a great resource but often feel a bit textbook-like lacking that sensory inspiration.

We love the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides because they get it. The guides boast beautiful photography, maps, and custom illustrations, almost like coffee table travel-photo books. The in depth cultural and historical information ensures you know the stories behind the sights. They do a nice job providing just the right amount of background information on history, culture, architecture and art.

In honor of their newly revised, updated, and redesigned guides for 2014 we have teamed up with our friends at DK Eyewitness Travel Guides to bring you a VERY exciting giveaway.

We are offering one lucky winner 10 brand new DK Eyewitness Travel guides (Berlin, Ireland, Italy, London, New York City, Paris, Prague, Rome, Washington D.C. & San Francisco) and one 12×16” print in the Global Yodel Shop! ($300 estimated retail value).

What a sweet prize! Wish I could win…

Alright who wants this guidebook/print jackpot? To win, close your eyes and think back to the first travel memory you have. Leave a comment below and share that first travel memory with us. Tell us where you went and about the tastes, smells, sounds, sights and experiences. We will choose one winner November 27th.

If you tweet about this giveaway we will count that as an additional entry, just be sure to tag @globalyodel so we know.

This giveaway is open to residents in the US, UK and Canada only. (Sorry to the rest of you, but we would still love to hear your first travel memories below) Entries will close on November 26th at 11:59:59 PM EST. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by lawSee official rules here.


  • Mark Stayton

    My first travel memory is road-tripping in the old family mini van and driving up to Whistler Mountain in BC for a ski trip. The roads were icy, it was freezing outside, the windows were foggy, and we were cozy in the way back. We were sipping on hot chocolate and eating goldfish and clearing little circles on the foggy window so we could see out until it fogged up again. It was a memory I will never forget and the goldfish/hot coco combo may sound gross to the average person, but I still love that flavor combination because of what it reminds me of.

    • Jesse

      goldfish and coco – what a crazy combo

  • Sheila Hall

    My first travel memory is when I was when I went to see family in Lima, Peru when I was 6 years old. It was a strange experience for me as I was introduced to tons of family members who spoke a foreign language. It was very overwhelming and a foreign experience. It would be the first of many trips to Peru.

    • Jesse

      Great memory. Would love to go to Peru someday.

  • Sheila Hall
  • Maggie Magoo

    My first travel memory… i was about three years old, sitting on the train from DC to Sanford, Florida, staring out the window. While my grandmother held my newborn sister. Hearing the whirring of the the wheels on the tracks and seeing the feilds rolling by.

    • Jesse


  • Kelly Koya

    Going to North Wales and staying in a chalet. It was wet and cold and our bedroom had a leak so my brother and I ended up sleeping on the sofas in the lounge part of it!

    • Jesse

      Great memory. Even though a little damp.

  • Zehra Sayeed

    Walking on the coastal cliffs from Sennen Cove to Land’s End in Cornwall. Looking out over the sea trying to catch a sight of sharks basking in the sun. Wind in the hair. Wet grass under the feet.

    • Jesse

      Love the memory of wind in the hair and wet grass under feet. Thanks for sharing Zehra.

  • Hannah oneill

    Travelling to Thailand as a child and wearing black bin bags and waterproof coats!

    • Jesse

      Great memory. It can rain hard in Thailand.

  • Andy Thompson

    Going on family holidays us kids in the back of the car singing along to a tape of The Animals “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”.

    • Jesse


  • Tammy Tudor

    Going to paris with my family when i was little

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Tammy.

  • C Curran

    Going to Italy and tasting what a tomato REALLY tastes like!

    • Jesse


  • Little Womble

    Travelling to Florida with my family 🙂

    • Jesse

      I remember some early Florida memories too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Holly Smith

    Salcombe in Devon – I swear it is sunny there even when it’s cold and rainy in the rest of the UK!!

    • Jesse

      Love it. Thanks for sharing Holly.

  • Tracey Bye

    Driving with my Mum and Dad and 2 sisters through France to Northern Spain, listening to the Best of Jim Reeves all the way! And stopping on the way in a french hotel, where I tasted my first coffee. We were a bit squashed in the back, but we had lots of fun!

    • Jesse

      Great memory, Jim Reeves and coffee. Thanks for sharing Tracey

  • Laura Boyes

    I remember going on a country walk, and picking and eating the wild blackberries as we went. By the time we arrived back at the hotel our hands were all completely stained from the juice.

    • Jesse

      Great memory. Love wild blackberries.

  • aclearcutsign

    Moved to the States when I was younger and landed in L.A. Coming from warmer climate, the night air was cool.

    • Jesse

      Warmer than LA? Where were you coming from?

  • Karla M

    Being in Austria with my mother, visitng my Aunt I think, when I was a toddler, sitting I think at a train or coch station and feeling upset

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Karla.

  • Alison M

    Being at a caravan park near Berwick Upon Tweed and it snowing…in June!! One minute it was glorious sunshine then the temperature suddenly dropped and it started to snow..must have been about 1976 or so.

    • Jesse

      Crazy! Sun to snow! What a great memory. Thanks for sharing Alison.

  • MK

    traveling by train to D.C. – I was car sick

    • Jesse

      car sick is the worst

  • paul

    being sick on the coach when went away for the weekend with the school

    • Jesse

      thanks for sharing paul

  • Jen Schofield

    Enjoying my first trip abroad to Paris!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Jen.

  • sm4life

    The first travel memory I have is being on a river boat in St. Louis. For some reason I was terrified, I’m still not sure why exactly.

    • Jesse

      funny to think back isn’t it

  • Jesse

    Its so great to read everyones first travel memories! Thanks everyone, keep them coming!

  • John Machold

    I was 5 years old in Rome and my mother left my sister (10 years old) and I alone in the hotel room, because we wanted to sleep in. We finally wake up to see that my mother and eldest sister were still not back. So we decided to go out on the streets and find breakfast for ourselves. We walked to the near by Spanish step and got some breakfast. I will never forget sitting there relaxing on the Spanish steps with my croissant. It was the first time I had a taste of what adult life could be. Traveling made that all possible.

    • Jesse

      Great memory. Love that you ventured out by yourselves. Thanks for sharing John.

  • Makila

    early morning, summer saturday coach trips to the seaside

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing.


    Sitting in the back of a previa with a group of children from a children’s home, singing ging gang goolie, my old man said follow the van, and its a long way to tippereree, on our way to wales. Great memory x

    • Jesse

      Great memory, thanks for sharing Natalie.

  • tinareynolds

    traveling by air to tennessee to visit family and getting wings from the pilot

    • Jesse

      I remember getting wings back in the day too. What ever happened to those?

  • Huy Le

    Going to Adelaide when I was a toddle with my parents to visit some family friends they hadn’t seen in sometime. I must have been around 3-4 at the time and I all I remember was seeing alot of green at the time. My dad had made a mixtape (on cassette) for that trip and it left a great impact on me – to this day the song listing is etched in my mind and I’m trying to recreate it for my own travels!

    Songs included (too bad I can’t remember the rest):

    Michael Jackson – Beat It, Billie Jean, Liberian Girl
    Ice House – Electric Blue
    Bananarama – Venus
    The Bangles – Eternal Flame
    Crowded House – Something So Strong, Don’t Dream It’s Over

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the play list! Some jammers in there! Billie Jean is one of my favorites.

  • Michael Vitale

    My folks were planning an overseas trip when I was seven years old. in order to go, I had to get multiple vaccination shots in each arm. Screwing up my courage, i let them do their worst. on the last shot, I recognized a shoti got in school and I relaxed. my blood pressure dropped, I passed out, and smacked my head on the hard floor. I bled a lot, scared everyone nearby, but the worst was that the trip didn’t happen. fifty years later and i still remember that cold floor.

    • Jesse

      crazy memory – thanks for sharing Michael

  • ClaireG

    Traveling to Daytona Beach in the early 70s. Riding in the very back of a station wagon, with no seatbelts, makeshift beds for me and my sisters who got to sleep the whole trip. Getting to the Atlantic, and seeing the waves, birds, sun and sand. And the smell of Coppertone sunscreen. Good days…

    • Jesse

      Good times – love a good road trip.

  • Jan Brad

    First travel memory was on MS England going to Denmark across the North Sea and feeling very sick. I was about 5 years old and I hated the site of the cabin in the end as all I could do was lie on the bed and try not to be ill! In Denmark, it was flat and windswept – we were there in the late autumn. Eating salt liquorice. Visiting my granddad who worked in a bakery – yummy smells of baking bread and pastries.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing, I can almost smell the baked goods.

  • Dreena

    First travel memory was going on an airplane to Barbados. On the airplane I was seated next to my mom and a man who introduced himself with his name and by telling me he was drunk! I was a bit shocked as a young tween. Had a wonderful time on the island…

    • Jesse

      haha – welcome to the real world – thanks for sharing

  • Dreena

    I tweeted:

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Faye Huntington

    Disneyworld Florida with my family when I was just five years old. I vaguely remember being carried around half-asleep by my dad whilst wearing my princess costume!

    • Jesse

      haha – good memory

  • bevscomments

    Tunisia when I was about 5. Getting lost in the maze at the hotel.

    • Jesse

      I have some ‘getting lost’ memories too.

  • Casandra Peet

    My travel memories as a kid are so blurred together. My memory feels like one long, continuous road trip. Travelling to west Africa for the first time is the memory burned into my senses. I can still feel the anxiety of getting on in Chicago, switching planes in France, and boarding the last leg down to unknown territory. I love that feeling! I love travelling so much, I’m already In love with these books.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the memory Casandra! Would love to see west Africa someday.

      • Casandra Peet

        You definitely should, while travel restrictions are allowing. I was in the Peace Corps, it was a wonderful experience. Definitely turned me into a permanent wanderer.

  • Therese Nguyen

    The first time I saw NYC! I was only 12 but I was overwhelmed! Ever since, we’ve made it a tradition to go to NYC every year! 🙂

    • Jesse

      I remember my first time to NYC. Overwhelmed is something I was too.

  • Jacyna Ortiz

    Getting of the plane in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My first time abroad from the U.S. the most breath taking views I have ever seen!

    • Jesse

      Have always wanted to go to Rio. Thanks for sharing.

  • June Munday

    Trip to Spain with boyfriend, underestimated strength of sun and got sunstroke, was throwing up, shivering, the works! Next day I had prickly heat and could not stop scratching, had to keep covered for rest of the holiday.

    • Jesse

      Rough trip.

  • Sarah Morris

    I remember going to the Isle of Wight with my brother, mum, and my auntie and cousins. We were supposed to be met off the ferry by my dad who was already over there, but something came up and he wasn’t there so we ended up deciding to walk, all of us with our suitcases trailing behind us climbing over gates and trekking across fields was not pretty, at one point it was so muddy that my cousin lost his shoe but didn’t realise until he had walked about ten paces further, this made me curl up laughing. But we didn’t laugh for long, somehow we all managed to come down with Chicken Pox, passing it from one person to the other, and rather than being covered in suntan lotion we were covered in calamine lotion and confined to the caravans for most of the holiday!! Ah, those were the days.. hmm, NOT!

    • Jesse

      I remember chicken pox – bummer!

  • Philip Nemeth

    I’m digging into the memories here but I have a good one. When I was very young (probably around 5) my family took one of our yearly road trips and this one had us visiting Yellowstone. While we were in the park, my dad wanted to get closer to a group of bison that was in the field. So he parked the car and left my mom and me to watch as he and my sister approached. When they got pretty close, one of the bison got curious and decided he didn’t like the interruption. He took a quick charge at them, which caused my dad to turn and run. My mom and I got to witness my sister trying to keep up and tripping over everything that she could find. The bison had stopped but Dad and sis were still running. It is still a great family memory that we all joke about to this day (some 30 years later).

    • Jesse

      Haha – great memory – I can almost picture it.

  • bittystarr

    My first (international) travel memory is of visiting my grandfather off the coast of Belize. He had a small sailboat that he would enjoy each winter – a respite from Connecticut winters was crucial at a certain age. I remember wearing a cotton t-shirt and shorts set, patterned with geometric shapes in electric pastels, bangs tangling rapidly. Growing up in the northern reaches of the United States, I had never felt the hot, salty breezes from a tropical body of water. These new sensations were powerful, unsettling in their strangeness, liberating in their warmth and motion. I miss my grandfather, but his spirit finds me whenever I find myself in the tropics.

    • Jesse

      Hot salty breeze. Sounds so nice.

  • Shan Bates

    My earliest travel memory is as a young child visiting Colorado for the first time. I recall going to my mother’s beloved mountain escape at the Rainbow Trout Lodges–fresh air, family, activities, and community. This long-ago trip lit the flame for a lifetime love of travel. Thanks for giving me the opportunity for this blast from the past!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Shan. Great memory.

  • Brita

    My first memory of travel goes back a long way, to the early 1950s, when my family crossed the North Sea from England, on Fred Olsen Liner, to Norway. My Norwegian Grandparents (Bestemor and Bestefar) lived near Trondheim, half way up the country. It seemed a long crossing to a small girl, and I was nearly always sick. I made a friend of ‘boxer man’… the cabin crew who came to change the sick boxes, I remember! I loved my Grandparents sturdy wooden house, with four floors and a big cellar, with hams hanging up. It smelled of pine and coffee, and had beautiful traditional woven runners on the tables, and always felt warm, with its triple glazing and double doors, that kept out the cold and snow… unlike our chilly home in England, with single glazing and just one fire to heat it. My Grandparents are long gone now, but I still miss them… and the ocean crossings that always caused such excitement, as my first glimpse of Norway’s rocky headland came into sight.

    • Jesse

      Great memory, thanks for sharing.

      • Brita

        Many thanks 🙂

  • Susie Wilkinson

    The first real holiday I remember was going across to Denmark. We went on an overnight ferry, and I remember watching from the top bunk out of the porthole all night, the waves around the ferry were so white, picked up by the light, compared with the black of the sea, it was so pretty.
    The main memories I have of being in Denmark are going for an after dinner stroll with my Dad in a park and finding the most gorgeous ice cream stall, the ice cream was so creamy and had a flavour that I couldn’t quite describe, but I know, even to this day, I’ve never tasted anything close to it.
    We went to LEGOLAND and I remember going on the cars, where you could earn your driving licence. I’ve still got that over 30 years later! I was an absolute horror on the roadways, overtaking and cutting other cars up, I was shouted at every other second because of my driving! I remember my Dad looking at me in horror when I got back to my family, dreading the day I learnt to drive for real!
    We went, after much nagging from me, to the museum to see the Tollund Man. I had read about him at school, and since we were going to Denmark, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to meet him! It was absolutely fascinating and I still have clear memories of his short whiskers protruding through his facial skin.
    The night ferry on the way back home was a really rocky experience, and, despite suffering from travel sickness usually, I felt fine and was laughing at people looking green!

    • Jesse

      Ice cream is a theme in a lot of these memories. Thanks for sharing your experience in Denmark.

  • Solange

    Batanes, in the Philippines, is a cluster of islands. The place is idyllic.There is zero crime rate. Up in the hills there’s a mountain pass where you cross over a footbridge overhanging a mountain river. Breathtaking both in terms of beauty and adrenaline, the sun rays look like glitter on top of the water. Being up there feels so free and timeless.

    • Jesse

      I want to go to Batanes. Thanks for the memory.

  • Annie Collier

    My Mom bought me a 16 foot Prindle catamaran when I was 17. At 19 my best friend & I confided to a “friend” that our dream vacation was to sail the Caribbean Islands, she said “you two can’t sail on dreams”. At 24 years of age we charted a bareboat (boat without a crew) & sailed a 30 foot monohull for 3 weeks in the US & British Virgin Islands. 30 years later I can close my eyes & see the crystal blue waters, where you can see your anchor in 60 feet of water. In the mornings we swam with sea turtles & at night fell asleep to the sounds of steel drums & calypso songs. We adapted to the “sailors’ way” for dinners – anchor early in the evening, start the barbecue & eat while you watched others try to get into “tight crowded spots” for overnight anchoring: sounds carry incredibly over water: shouts, screams, crashing of boats, some cursing & lots of laugher would ensue. So many incredible experiences: we bought a copy of Donald M. Street’s “Caribbean Cruising Guide”, our sailing Bible, & YES one afternoon we walked into a bar on Tortola & met Mr. Street!! The only night we did not anchor was on Virgin Gorda, under engine power you had to line up a mile out & carefully, using a flag as a guide, come through an area filled with coral. Although frightened I navigated without a hitch. But once inside the marina a worker shouted out that the only slip available was “#22 way down there”. It was my turn as many sailors watched as we made our way: I was fine until I heard an older lady say “Oh my God look at those two little girls, where are the MEN”. Got into that slip perfectly, but I was so nervous that I could not move. My BFF had to tie the boat down, I couldnt even sit, my hands glued to the helm & barely able to make spit: my BFF made the best rum and coke I have ever had. The older lady brought us dinner & said to us “you two are the coolest girls, no coolest sailors ever!” Best & first vacation and yes you can sail on dreams.

    • Jesse

      Amazing story Annie. I agree ‘two cool girls.’ Thank you so much for sharing. You should write some essays about the trip. Let me know if you want to, we can publish them on Global Yodel!

  • Kenny Kim

    My first unforgettable travel memory was in 2009 when I visited Italy for the second time (first was in 2003 but in 2009, I became a photographer). A local friend whom I met through Facebook invited to his home in Umbria region and offered to show me his side of the world. Having been to the big cities like Rome, Florence and Venice in my previous trip, I did not really expect much but decided to take a leap of faith and go on this adventure with him. In the week that I spent with him, we explored numerous locations around Umbria, Tuscany and Marche region – and with each location we visited, my mouth kept dropping bigger and bigger being blown away by the beauty this country has to offer. Only thing I could think of at that time was that I need to share this experience with others. Since then, I started a photography tour called PhotoVenture where I bring a group of photographers and photography enthusiasts on a journey to Italy to recreate this same experience I had for them. Having this library of travel books will help me to explore other parts of Europe. Thank you for reading my reply. best, Kenny Kim –

    • Jesse

      Great memories Kenny, thanks for sharing. Way to take the leap of faith.

      • Kenny Kim

        Thank you Jesse. I would say that was a life changing experience for me. I can’t get enough of Italy now!

        • Jesse

          makes me want to visit so badly

  • Eleanor Stray

    My first travel memory is of a road trip with my parents to South Dakota. I got to see the Crazy Horse Memorial before the face was carved, feed crackers to prairie dogs and hike in the other-worldly Badlands. I can’t even express my appreciation for them taking me to South Dakota instead of Disneyland!

    • Jesse

      Awesome – I’m with you on nature before Disneyland, but to each their own.

  • rosannepm

    My first travel memory was being in a car going up to our summer cottage. We didn’t have car seats or seat belts back then. My dad drank and even though it was only and hour and a half ride he had to stop for a drink and left us in the car then drove the rest of the way to the cottage. My mother never did anything to try and stop him as he just said he had to go the bathroom. That was one long bathroom break. This was also before DUI’s

    • Jesse

      Glad you guys are OK.

  • PAul Moffat

    My first travel memory is going to the Seaside in Scotland. Back then it seemed like a different world.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Paul – things change fast.

  • Katie Evans

    My first travel memory is going to Brittany with my Mum, Dad, two older sisters and one of their boyfriends plus my baby brother. We all fitted in a vw passat, which although large didn’t have space for us all. I sat on the laps of my teenage sisters and the boyfriend whilst my little brother slept in a carrycot in the boot. It’s the kind of thing you’d be arrested for these days, but back then it was perfectly acceptable.
    I’m told the ferry crossing was terrible and my baby brother Ian was the only person who wasn’t sick.

    • Jesse

      funny how times are different now – great memory thanks for sharing

  • Stephanie Whitehouse,

    My first travel memory is being on a boat on the Norfolk Broads. I recall the warm green smell of the river, the deceptive solidity of the water, the angry coots who screamed abuse at one another when a passing boat disturbed them. Most of all , th smell of diesel and mown grass can stll take me straight back there, sitting on the blue vinyl covered rear bech seat and watching the water pass just below eye level

    • Jesse

      awesome memory – I can almost smell the diesels and grass

  • Sophia Brookes

    I was about four or five-years-old in the mid 1960’s. Dad was driving us through Holland and I was astonished to see a windmill. That started us singing: “I saw a mouse! Where? There on the stair! Where on the stair? Right there! A little mouse with clogs on. Well I declare! Going clip-clippety-clop …” It was great!

    • Jesse

      haha great memory – thanks for sharing Sophia

  • carolinedavison

    My first travel memory is going to Blackpool by train with my mum and nan when I was about 7 years old. I remember really nice weather, building sandcastles and eating ice creams.

    • Jesse

      sounds nice

  • llkey_baby

    I went to Northern Cyprus where my Mum is from originally. All I remember is the smell of tar as they were just building the roads then. Now I associate tar as Cyprus. Random!

    • Jesse

      Random, but totally understandable. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jamie

    My First travel abroad was about 10 years ago with a huge number of aunties and cousins, and my sisters and parents to florida was a good time. First trip without them was skiing in Italy and LOVE it, went every year until it stop 🙂

    • Jesse

      Great memory! Thanks Jamie

  • Kerry Robinson

    My first travel memory was going somewhere in Spain when I was about 7. I remember being in oar of the flamenco dancers and the smell of the fresh foods at the local market.

    • Jesse

      Cool first memory.

  • Karis

    My first travel memory was going Scotland when I was about five. I can’t remember much of it though, because I became ill on the way there, and the whole trip ended up being overshadowed by a horrible hallucination I had that my blanket had turned into a giant spider. Unfortunately, this left me with a very poor impression of Scotland. (I’m happy to say that I have been there since, and think it’s a lovely place now.)

    • Jesse

      Wow! Scary first memory, glad you got better.

  • John Clexton

    My first is with my parents in Florida in West Palm Beach and playing on the beach, it was heaven. The sand , beach, water, the airplanes with the signs behind them, was lived me till this day. I still think back those memories and try very hard to recreate them for my own kids.

    • Jesse

      Thats awesome Jon! I’m sure they are creating new and amazing memories they will think back on someday.

  • susansmoaks

    my family loaded up in my dad’s truck and drove from Florida to Hatteras Island North Carolina. It was so much fun! My first travel memory was a family road trip.

    • Jesse

      Love road trips! Thanks Susan!

  • Emily Davis

    My first travel memory is walking through a stream in a state forest in Indiana with my parents.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Emily

  • Lawrence Motzer

    My first time in Europe thanks to the U.S.A.F. was a 2 year Germany adventure which I Loved.

    • Jesse


  • Susan Coster

    My very first travel memory is going to Wisconsin Dells by train. Back in the day, my dad didn’t own a car so the train it was. We were met at the station by the hotel owners who served up 3 meals a day, unheard of these days…fresh homegrown corn on the cob, fresh eggs & the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls in the morning.

    • Jesse


  • Ken Porter

    As a kid our family (6 kids in the station wagon) always drove 12 hours to Colorado for vacation. I loved the smell of the pines, the mountains, fresh trout on the grill, the sound of babbling streams. Seeing deer, elk, chipmunks and birds of all kinds — these are my memories. Hiking to the top of Trail Ridge Road took my breath away, even as an energetic kid — after all the top is 12,005 ft.

    • Jesse

      Love the smell of pines and the mountains and trout. Thanks for sharing Ken!

  • Jennifer Sakurai

    I was five or six and my cousins were visiting us in Los Angeles from Japan. We drove to the Grand Canyon (well, my parents drove, obviously!) and I have snapshots in my mind about not being allowed to take bananas across the state border, my first hotel room, Mexican jumping beans, watching Indian dances and other performances, probably on a reservation, cactus everywhere, and mom yelling at me to get off the stone wall overlooking the Grand Canyon even though she let my (considerably) older cousins sit there. (The injustice!) I don’t recall the long drive as being particularly difficult, although I’m sure I did the typical “are we there yet?” enough to drive the adults nuts. Good memories; I’d like to go back!

    • Jesse

      The injustice! Great memory Jennifer. Thanks for sharing

  • Cpld Cat

    I was four or five, walking with my parents on a sandy path that wound through a gray field of maize as the sun began to rise huge and red on Easter morning. My baby brother would have been tied to mom’s back, and we were part of a group of people making our way to a sunrise service in Zambia. I don’t remember any sound, but the memory is vivid and one of my earliest.

    • Jesse

      Wow Great memory!

  • Sarah Corso

    My first travel memory is from when I was 4 or 5 years old. I was bundled tightly in the back seat of our car and we were driving through the hills of Connecticut to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving. The sun was just coming up and it was very cold, but the sky was clear and I recall waking just as the sun was coming up. I think that is my first recollection of a beautiful sunrise, as well. What a nice memory that I haven’t thought of in years!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing. Love sunrise memories.

  • Pascal Calarco

    My first travel memory was as a young child, driving out to the Canadian maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island) from our home in Ontario for summer vacation. Particularly memorable on that trip was driving through a forest fire on the Trans-Canada Highway — as a young boy, seeing fire on the side of the highway and being escorted through by provincial police, this was very exciting! The smell of the burning forest was only one sensation that trip, where we also swam in the cold North Atlantic Ocean in PEI, and saw jellyfish off the docks in Peggy’s Cove, NS. We also did some mackerel fishing in Nova Scotia, which was great fun!

    • Jesse

      I had a similar experience in Alaska when I was young with a forest fire. So awesome as a young boy. Thanks for sharing Pascal

  • Mi Blank

    Peoria, Illinois! My parents would drive our lime green Buick from Oak Park, Illinois down to Peoria so I could spend two wonderful weeks of summer freedom with Roy and Bertie, parents of our cousins. Best memory was driving to the highest point overlooking the city and sharing a huge Dairy Queen ice cream cone with the family dog.

    • Jesse

      haha – DQ with the family dog

  • Glenda York

    My first travel memory is traveling on the backroads (this is prior to the Interstate) of old US 41 going from our house to see my grandparents who lived several states away. This was back in the days when Burma Shave signs were popular and it was always a wonderful family time with lots of laughter and enjoyment of one another while confined in our car. One of the signs we always passed was advertising Lookout Mountain. One of these days I am going to actually visit there!

    • Jesse

      Where is Lookout Mountain?

  • Roberta La Monaca

    In fifth grade my family took a road trip from CT to Florida to visit cousins in St. Petersberg. Since I had to miss a week of school for the trip, my teacher asked me to make a scrapbook, which I did. It was also my first exposure to some southern food including “hush puppies” which captured my interest.

    • Jesse

      Hush Puppies! Sounds good

  • Peggy Friewer

    I remember a family road trip when I was 5. We all packed into the family station wagon and headed West (from Chicago) The most vivid memory is my Mom asking my Dad to stop for a “rest stop”, he would say a few more miles, which of course would means several more hours !

    • Jesse

      haha – such a dad thing to do

  • pmanzella

    My first real and one of my most favorite travel memory is a my first plane trip when I was 12-years old. I was part of a Girl Scout troop who spent over a year earning money for a trip to a Girl Scout camp in Bermuda! We spent hours washing cars, selling cookies and babysitting to pay for the trip and we sewed special “uniforms” to make it easy for the chaperones to keep us together. The trip was a dream come true for all of us (despite the huge and ugly spiders in the latrines). We came home sunburned but with many happy memories.

    • Jesse

      awesome first memory

  • anne

    My first travel memory was memorable and special. The entire family, packed into the station wagon, driving up north to a cottage for the week, in the Laurentians. I sit in the front, no seat belts existed at that time, early 1950’s and since I suffer with motion sickness the curves in the road do not help the situation. Finally arriving at our destination which to me is sheer paradise. A rustic cabin at the edge of a lake filled with clear, clean water, and perch, pike and trout swimming in the depths. We have a small motor boat for the fishing each day and then cook the fish outside for supper each night. What a delightful and unforgettable week, filled with swimming, fishing, reading, yes reading books and walks in the evening. A summertime idyllic experience which I would love to replicate 60 years later if possible. Simple, happiness, beautiful and a week of bliss.

    • Jesse

      Simple happiness, love it. Thanks for sharing Anne!

  • Kris Sims

    My first travel memory was when I was about six years old….family trip, driving through France, stopping to go to the bathroom, and walked in stall and there was a hole in the floor with two metal footshaped patterns on each side and refusing to use it! thanks!

    • Jesse


  • Lynnette

    My first travel memory is a road trip to Washington from California with my mom and sister. My sister and I did a puppet show out the back window for hours! This was before seat belts were important! 😉

    • Jesse

      The good old days – when seat belts were unimportant. I miss that

  • Jeffery Clark

    My first travel memory was driving with my family to Sedona, AZ from Phoenix, in the late 1970s. My parents didn’t have a lot of money so an overnight trip in a- gasp- MOTEL, was quite an exciting event for us! We bumped along in an old station wagon but it was very exciting to have a road trip! My sisters and I played games, sung, and played road bingo the whole way. The drive to Sedona was filled with amazing, rich colors like the deep green trees, the red mountains, and the blue gurgling creeks everywhere. The sun was blinding bright and warm on our faces in the car windows…… I remember we stopped at Montezuma’s Castle, hiked back into the hills and there was the most incredible Indian cliff dwellings, perched high off the cliff! Afterward, we stopped to picnic, then went on our way. In Sedona, we stayed in a little motel off the highway. We thought we were in Heaven because then our parents took us to the rock slides, natural formations carved from years of streams tumbling downward. We scrambled up the hill, then slid down and squealed with delight every time. We dared each other to do crazy things, and egged each other on every time. As the day grew long, we played lazily in the pools formed at the bottom. We created little boats from leaves, and little dams from twigs. Right as the fireball of a sun slid down behind the hills, my parents rounded us up and drove back to the motel, where we all showered. Then they let us lay in bed and eat potato chips and watch the Carol Burnett Show. This was very unusual for my mom who was a health food nut. We fell asleep among our potato chip crumbs, happy grins on our faces and dreams of sliding in our minds. It was a wonderful day, now framed as a beautiful memory of people I love. Thank you for helping me remember the details of that great day.

    • Jesse

      Beautiful memories – thank you for sharing. What a special memory to get back from the depths of the mind.

  • Glenn Carman

    In 1963, my family took a road trip to visit Pop’s aunt on her farm in Virginia. There was plenty of animals, including a donkey who disliked children. While crossing the pasture, the donkey began chasing us. My brothers, being older, ran ahead & opened the gate. As the donkey & I reached the gate, my brothers slammed it shut, right in my face, resulting in 2 black eyes. We also went swimming in a bowl shaped waterhole lined with red clay. Wet clay is slick & the sides too steep for my small legs. Every time I tried to leave the water, I’d get almost to the rim, lose my footing, & side back into the water. By the time I got out of the “bowl”, my skin was stained brick red. I looked a sight by the time we got to Williamsburg.

    • Jesse

      Little brothers have it rough sometimes!

  • martin bodnar

    Epcot at Disney, fish & chips in England, with an ale & some wine – pure Heaven!

    • Jesse

      sounds good to me

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    When I was 12 me 7 my mom flew to California and what was great about my 1st flight was it was on a 747:) We actually had our seat in the bar area and had a coffee table between us. There were all these people on board flying to Hawaii getting drunk in the bar. The trip was great also Disneyland, Universal, Knottsberry Farm etc…

    • Jesse

      Bar area on the plane?

      • Elizabeth Findlay

        I kid you not. It was like a lounge area with a bar you walked up to and ordered your drink. What can I say it was the 70’s.

  • Natalia

    Seeing a snake crossing the path on a beach holiday. Was afraid to go through that field for the rest of the week.

    • Jesse

      I remember seeing snakes when I was a kid. I would get scared and dance around.

  • enpsmom

    I was 10 — we went to Florida to visit my grandparents and as a surprise my parents took us to Disney. Was awesome – except for the fact that my little brother was sick the whole time we were at the park. Was able to go back years later with college friends – a much more enjoyable trip.

    • Jesse

      haha – I get sick on rides so I can totally relate. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brenda Ballinger

    My first travel memory was a trip to Tennessee in the 50’s. We started out in the morning before dawn…how exciting this was for a young child. We drove on St. Rt. 25 as this was before I-75. We traveled over narrow roads on high mountains. On one particularly high road with a dangerous drop off I was told this was where Hank Williams’ fatal car wreck occurred. Now I am not sure that was so accurate. When arriving at my aunt’s house in of all places Pawpaw Holler, we had to cross the creek on a swinging bridge. How frightening this was to me, but when she served us chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast it was well worth it.

    • Jesse

      What a memory! Swinging bridge sounds amazing.

  • Rachael B

    My first travel memory is in a wood lodge in Scotland with my parents. At night frogs would sort of ‘migrate’ across the road- so many that it just looked like a sea of frogs. I thought it was pretty cool back then!

    • Jesse

      Sounds pretty cool even now!

  • Penni

    I had never flown before age 16, when I went to Israel for a 6-week summer tour. My parents and I drove from Philadelphia (our home) to New York, where we arrived many hours in advance of my flight’s departure from JFK Airport – so we spent a lovely, sunny, idyllic afternoon in Manhattan, doing special things we’d never done before: we took a horse-and-buggy ride through Central Park, then had ice cream sundaes at Rumplemeyer’s, a legendary restaurant (which no longer exists) at a fancy hotel across from the park. Then we drove to JFK, and I was off! It was scary, yet exhilarating, to fly for the first time – but the high point of my first day traveling abroad was, undoubtedly, the moment that the plane touched down in Israel, which moved me to tears!

    • Jesse

      awesome memory – thanks for sharing Penni

  • Erin Golsen

    When I was around 11, my family took our first out-of-state vacation, to Ormond Beach in Florida. We drove all day and into the night and it was dark when we arrived at our little bungalow. We were all tired, but my parents let me and my brothers and sister run out onto the beach to let the waves wash over our feet. It was the first time I ever saw the ocean. I’ll never forget the exhilaration of running on the sand under a starry sky, toward the immensity of all that water, roaring and surging as if it were alive.

    • Jesse

      what a great memory – wish I could remember seeing the ocean for the first time – thanks for sharing

  • Emily Knight

    One of my first memories is staying at a rented house in the south of France with my parents when I was young. I had a wobbly tooth and it suddenly fell out when I was running down the hallway, and landed on the floor – which was mosaic tiled and white. It took forever to find it!

    • Jesse

      haha – great memory! Thanks for sharing Emily

  • Jen Schofield

    First travel memory was to Paris! Going up the Eiffel Tower as a child was amazing!

    • Jesse

      great memory

  • Edmund Chmielewski

    I still remember my 4th grade trip to far off Philadelphia (30 miles away) to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. This trip hooked me on the desire to visit far off places.

    • Jesse

      Great memory Edmund, thanks for sharing. Hope you got the chance to visit those far off places.

  • Laurent Lavoie

    My first travel memory is landing in Paris in 2009, and being by myself, with nothing to do but enjoying Europe for 2 and a half months. It really was a good feeling.

    • Jesse

      What a great feeling that must have been. Thanks for sharing Laurent!

  • Becky I

    Being in an ampitheatre in Italy playing in the sand with my cousin

    • Jesse


  • Edward Robinson

    Asbury Park, NJ. First time to see the ocean.

    • Jesse

      Love that Boss album

  • Clint Howat


    • Jesse


  • Nancy Bleakley

    When I was three, my family moved to France because my father was in the Army. We traveled a lot around Europe and I remember going to Paris fairly often. I especially remember visiting the Eiffel tower. We would eat at the restaurant on top and my favorite dish was trout almandine. Fish was always served with the head on, but this never bothered me. I got a pretty sophisticated palate early on and am still a rather adventurous eater.

    • Nancy Bleakley

      What happened to the photos?

    • Jesse

      What a great memory Nancy! Thanks for sharing, the trout sounds good

  • catg

    My very first visit abroad was when I was about 9yrs old, we went to Paris and I remember how amazed I was by the Eifel Tower, it seemed so huge

    • Jesse

      it still seems huge to me – thanks for sharing

  • Katarina Micallef

    when I was six we went to malta, it was about three am when we arrived and I remember being shocked at how friendly everyone was and how they would shake my hand after mum and dad’s. it all seemed so strange, but nothing was stranger than the driving, cars going both ways on both sides of the road, doors held on with bungee cords and cars covered in rust with holes. I was awestruck, I remember they had a fizzy drink called kinnie that burned the back of my throat and every shop sold nougat. it was a lovely trip but so overwhelming when you’re young.

    • Jesse

      Would love to go to Malta someday – want to try a kinnie now! Thanks Katarina

  • GrooveHeart

    We went to Wales and we visited a rabbit sanctuary. Since rabbits are my favourite all-time animals I was in absolute heaven – @WeeWillWilk

    • Jesse

      great memory

  • Karen M Colquhoun

    I went to Sweden for a weekend with a friend about 10 years ago, visiting a few smaller towns (Norkoping, Linkoping and Abi), visited a club with the smallest dancefloor I’ve ever seen and went for a few town centre walks in the snow. Can’t beat Swedish meatballs from the country itself 😉

    • Jesse

      awesome memory – thanks Karen

  • Brittney House

    When my mom and dad and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I don’t remember to much about the food but I remember the shopping. There were so many cool trinkets.
    Brittney House

    • Jesse

      Sounds fun!

  • scarletblackbird

    My first travel memory is going to Whitby, fantastic imaginings of Dracula on the cliff top at the church, endless steps, salt and seagull cries and crispy fish and chips x

    • Jesse

      nice memory

  • Bryan E.

    As a military brat my first travel memory was moving to Naples, Italy when I was about 7 or 8 in the mid 1970’s for three years; definite culture shock for a kid: small cars, people riding Vespa scooters, “unique” city smells, strange food, etc…but the nicest people.

    • Jesse

      great memory, thanks Bryan

  • Igor Rozenblyum Couture

    Navigating through Greenwich in London. Best guides out there

    • Jesse

      Thanks Igor

  • Joe Mier

    My first travel experience included my wife and daughter. We made a trip to London and can remember how exciting it was to visit this new place where the folks talked funny (and they thought we talked funny) 🙂 Coming out of the subway underground and being at Big Ben was just mind blowing seeing it in person and the very nice people that welcomed us with great smiles and kindness. We then departed England and took the train to Paris France. Walking the streets of Paris was almost like a dream the wonderful smells coming from the markets and the Parisian music flowing through the alleys and side streets was just remarkable. Of course one cannot visit Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower and take the elevator all the way to the top floor! It was a remarkable first trip to Europe and we have not stopped since then. We have many more places to experience and we are looking forward to seeing the world using DK Tour books is the best way not to miss the best spots!!

    • Jesse

      Great memories Joe, thanks for sharing. Here is to exploring!

  • Amy Hafez

    My first travel memory is from when I was about 7 or 8 years old and I was traveling from the US to Iran with my mom and sister to visit family. I remember meeting all of my cousins and having so much fun with them, but I think the most memorable things were the sites, tastes and smells. Everything was so different to me. We went to Persepolis and saw the ruins, and I remember thinking how I had never seen anything so ancient. It really brought history class to life. Driving from place to place was another crazy experience- constant horns, 3 lane highways becoming 8. Still, the smell of pollution and smog instantly brings me back. Of course, one of the most unique things I remember are the tastes- from the sour cherries to the sweet figs there were so many different tastes and all of them came from my grandfathers garden.

    • Jesse

      Great detail amy. Love that you remember the tastes! Thanks for sharing.

  • susansmoaks

    i remember traveling to grandma’s house each year for the holidays. it was a four hour drive through the woods in florida.

  • Scott Dickinson

    Wonderful contest and books. I got a copy when I went to Rome and Paris years ago. A great way to just relive memories or just imagine a trip there!

    • Jesse

      Thanks Scott

  • John Neubauer

    so I have been traveling since I was 6 month old. I love my mom who encourages me to travel. the one vacation that is ingrained would have to be a trip to Florida to see my grandpa in Venice, Florida, the land of retired and people that have money. the event that remember the most was looking into the sky and watching the Challenger shuttle jetting into the afternoon sky and boom it exploded. a truck driver stopped and was looking into the sky and he told my mom what happened because we went on a walk. I was only 4 years old at the time and we ran back to the house to watch the television.

    • Jesse

      What an awesome mom! Thanks for sharing that story.

  • susan alison

    I travelled to scotland in a very old vauxhall victor , it was 1974 it was very hot and no aircond in car, but the scenery was beautiful and so were the sunsets, best times ever

  • Nathalie Chernoff

    I was three and we were visiting a family summer house in Denmark. I have a clear memory of “swimming” in the sea with my mum and the great excitement when there was a stinging jelly fish nearby! After a hasty exit from the water Mum wrapped me up in a warm terry robe and we sat on the beach. Perhaps one of the reasons I have had a lifelong love of sea swimming!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the memory Nathalie

  • Rachel-Anne Millar

    My first trip memory invoking all my senses took place in 2001 to meet my birth dad for the first time. Yes I’m adopted. Having lived in Canada all my life and thinking I would never meet my birth dad, I was now in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I remember walking off the plane around 6:30pm and saying to my parents (adoptive) this smell was so familiar. Although the only time I had been in PV is when my birth mom was pregnant with me. After finding our way, there he was; my birth dad holding our for a beautiful arrangement of flowers for me. Right away my parents saw the resemblance. He had brought his wife & daughter to meet us and take our luggage back to their apartments in which we’d be staying in, since his car was much older and couldn’t hold both us & our luggage. I remember my birth dad trying to warn my mom not use the car handle on her side by then mom had the car handle in her hand. All my birth dad said was “Eh, that’s Mexico” and we took off. By time we got to the apartments it was close to 8pm and we watched in amazement as he uses a pulley to get our luggage upstairs to our apartments. Knowing we probably hadn’t had anything to eat for a long time, my birth dad invites my parents & I to sit at his open kitchen and talk while he made dinner for us. Within 20 minutes we were all eating corn on the cob Mexican style. Tasting the sweet corn, tangy lime juice, mayo & Chihuahua cheese for the first time, realizing I finally met my birth dad & having my parents with me I was experiencing a very special moment. That night I fell asleep to the sounds & smells of my Second home of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Cheryl Miller

    I went to my grandparents farm when I was 7 just outside Dawson Creek BC. I spent a month by myself. I remember flannel sheets on my bed, fresh baby potatoes from the garden (love them to this day), the smell of grain in the grain bins and watching my uncles in a dune buggy go up and down a dirt pile in the yard (in the rain). Most of all, it was my first flight on an airplane as I traveled home alone.

    • Jesse

      I remember my first flight on an airplane too. Fun times

  • Joe Gordon

    My first memory is if a family drive to Southern California and of course Disneyland. I had my Kodak camera and took lots of pictures on the way . Very exciting and rode the Matterhorn for the first roller coaster ever.

    • Jesse

      Awesome Joe!

  • Barbara Ali

    I became an exchange student when I was 16. I was headed on my first transcontinental flight to Copenhagen, with foreign speaking flight attendants. I loved hearing the accents when they spoke to me. Hot strong coffee was served in ceramic cups with SAS written on the side. The airplane food was actually really good, even though it included herring, which I’d never even seen before. I travelled with a group of excited American students. Even though it was more than 30 years ago, I will never forget looking out the window as we prepared for landing, and seeing all the colorful tiny cars. Everything looked so much smaller. Well, it was. And the houses had bright orange roofs and they seemed to be scattered in tight colorful pods. The pilot announced the outside temperature was 16. It was queer to imagine a summer day being 16, but it was a start to the centigrade system. From the airport, we were moved into groups and sent in different directions. It was all a bit scary, and I was tired by that point. I rode a bus for another 4 hours and was finally met by a very blonde woman and 2 blonde children, and a father who looked very friendly with dark hair and freckles. I couldn’t understand much of what was said, but they took me to their home. I can remember the new smells of that old farmhouse, set on a hill overlooking the fjord, and knowing this would be my new home for the next year.

    • Jesse

      Great memory Barbara! SAS!

  • Ali M

    Hmm, first travel memory is a road trip one state away – I remember a cooler full of sandwich makings, and that the motel room had a black and white tv still~!

    • Jesse

      Thanks Ali

  • Lance Woodruff

    I’m going with first and best. They were both too awesome not to share. First travel memory, spelunking with my family in the Ozark Mountains. Best Travel memory – Christmas and New Years in Paris. 🙂

    • Jesse

      Spelunking and Paris – how could you go wrong with that?

  • Bernard Spence

    In early 1990 I traveled to Berlin to see the wall being demolished, wish I had been there in Nov 89, such a brilliant event that truly changed the world. Just wanted a piece of history and experience the amazing atmosphere as the city was set free. Been hooked on travel ever since, love all my DK Eyewitness Travel guides.

    • Jesse

      Great memory, thanks for sharing Bernard

  • alibeeson

    My first travel memory is standing on Majorda Beach in Goa and being handed a coconut with a straw in and being told to drink up! 🙂

    • Jesse

      Love Majorda Beach – and a fresh coconut sound so good right about now!

      • alibeeson

        Totally and it’s not far from our ancestral home either….I dream about that beach from the UK! And I love that has retained as my first memory aged 3!

  • Claire

    Going to a forestwith a swingset in europe

    • Jesse

      thanks for sharing Claire

  • Emily Langworthy Allen

    I was a wee lass of three, when my Guardians took me to see the Little Mermaid. I was enchanted and reached out to her foot, the cool damp breeze off the sea chilling my cheeks. I was reminded of this moment in my early life on a cool damp morning as I walked the streets of Bruxelles in a euphoric trace, entering La Grande-Place de Bruxelles, the smells of fresh street foods such as crepes, waffles, espresso and dark chocolate truffles awakened my senses. The early dawn silence shattered by the sound of my own feet as I crossed the Grande-Place, walking quickly down the street and rounding the corner to see the object of my search: Manneken Pis. My love for travel began at a very early age and has taken me to 81 countries, over 1500 cities, villages, hamlets, numerous mountain ranges, large bodies of water, archaeological ruins, UNESCO sites, Cathedrals and natural wonders….and I have yet so much to experience.

    • Jesse

      Great memory, thanks Emily

  • Kelly L. Stern

    During my childhood, my Okie parents returned to the tiny town of Lindsay every three years to visit family. We traveled Route 66 from Southern California to Oklahoma in the middle of summer. My earliest memory of these trips takes me back to our green Ford sedan. I remember being hot all day–too hot. In addition to the scorching Arizona heat, I had a fever. Air conditioning in a car was a luxury we couldn’t afford, so my mom kept a red ice chest on the back seat. She kept wash clothes in the ice chest next to the cold sodas and periodically wrung one out to lay on my burning forehead. Even my tears were hot when I left slivers of skin stuck to the blistering vinyl as I got out to use the restroom in grimy gas stations along the way. I also remember the thick smell of our car overheating once or twice and the relief we felt when we made it to a truck stop to pour water in the radiator. This three day trip seemed to take a month, but the alien landscapes were amazing. My mom told me the names of the various cacti and the coolness of the evenings with beautiful sunsets refreshed our souls. I have seen the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, the White Sand Dunes, and Carlsbad Caverns thanks to these trips to visit my grandparents. Route 66 in the early sixties is a treasured journey in my traveling life.

    • Jesse

      Route 66! Great memory – thanks for all the detail

  • Kat McQuaid

    My earliest travel memory was when my grandma took me to Lake of the Ozarks. It was the most beautiful place on the face of the earth and I never wanted to leave.

    • Jesse

      Would love to visit the Ozarks someday.

  • Charlotte Jones

    My first travel memory is Malta with my parents when I was 7 – I remember eating watermelons in the back of a open-top jeep with the blazing sun above us. Amazing.

    • Jesse


  • wayne_chow

    First thing I actually remember was a family trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Falls were scary to me as a kid. And the water smelled funny. But it was still fun.

    • Jesse

      I remember it being scary as a kid too!

  • Nick Jesse

    My very first travel memory is flying on a Dakota plane in the 1950’s — I was too small to fit in the aircraft seat and had to have a pillow stuffed between me and the seat belt. The pain of the different air pressures on takeoff and landing was extreme, but the old-fashioned boiled sweets made it seem worthwhile…

    • Jesse

      Great memory Nick

  • Anne Louise

    My 1st travel memory is from the only vacation my family took when I was growing up. I remember (1) being sick in the car (2) having to go outside in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and (3) being afraid to climb the lookout tower. We were at Pine Creek Gorge in PA and I was 2.5 years old.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for sharing Anne

  • Kodiak_Kid

    My dad was an Army Reservist and his 2 week training was our family vacation. The first one I remember was we drove from our home in Indiana to Fort Douglas, Utah (near Salt Lake City). I was 4 or 5 at the time. We happened to go to the Mormon Tabernacle when the choir was practicing. Dad tried to teach me how to swim in the Great Salt Lake. There was some sort of celebration at Fort Douglas where they said the name of each state, then set off a cannon. After my Dad’s tour was over he had to go to Fort Polk, Louisiana. So we drove through the South in our Ford Galaxy 500. Imagine, driving through the panhandle of Texas during the heat of July without air conditioning, the smell of the oil fields, the smell of the cattle, the smell of my stomach rejecting the other smells…the rest of the trip was a blur after that 🙂

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the memory!

  • Jonathan Ferguson

    My first travel memory is also one of my first memories. I was three years old, living in Toronto, and my parents signed up for a one year teacher’s exchange to Sydney, Australia. I don’t remember the trip to the airport or the lengthy flight, but I do recall the shock of the heat upon arriving. It was winter in Canada and we arrived for the Aussie Summer. Our temporary house had a lemon tree and exotic passion fruit growing in the garden. Hungry Rainbow Lorikeets would land on our porch every morning and I remember feeding them in my pajamas. Going to the beach down the street became normal and the pictures of me holding a wombat and a koala (with the help of my parents) are some of the best shots from the trip. I memorized all of the bus numbers and their routes and when relatives came to visit I showed them around my new home. I also collected stamps and coins to bring home to show friends. The year went by quickly, but certainly resinated with me. As a family, we returned to Australia for another exchange seven years later, where I went to school in Perth. What a life changing moment it was to be the odd one out. I was the strange one with the accent! Travelling so far at a young age impacted my life so much and I have continued to travel, experiencing 65 countries so far. That first trip to Australia started it all and ignited my senses and passion for adventure.

    • Jesse

      What a cool experience leaving in winter and arriving in summer! Great memory Jonathan.

  • Frances Recheungel

    My first travel memory is when I was in Japan as a 6 year old. I was at a park on a bridge with my dad. I remember loving my jacket because it was red and the hoodie part was lined with this white, fur-like trim. It was so cold. What I remember most is how my dad handed me these crumbs & told me to toss it over the bridge. As I did, I can still see this rushing surge of orange fish from all angles eating at the crumbs! Feeling surprised, exploring, & witnessing how others live their lives..this is why I love to travel & DK guides provide that perfect background & value to what I see. The layout is so efficient in that I can glance down & quickly find what I need to know! It’s such a rush….just like the koi!

    • Jesse

      Great memory!

  • Nicholas Chow

    First trip was to visit my grandparents and other family in London, Ontario. Nothing special.

    • Jesse

      Thanks Nicholas

  • Tuxedo_Birds

    We went to Expo ’67 in Montreal. Don’t recall too much. Just a lot of people.

    • Jesse


  • Robin McLean

    My first travel memory is traveling to Gulfport, Florida for Easter with my parents. My New York neighbor owned 1/2 a duplex there as a winter home and was blocks from the beach. I got to feel the sand ooze through my toes and the sea breeze in my hair, see the lizards scampering across the hot sidewalk, and pick fresh ruby red grapefruits off the tree in the backyard and eat them for breakfast.

    • Jesse

      Great memory Robin

  • Frank Robinson

    My first travel memory is from living in Florida and taking one of our annual trips to Disney-world. Only this time I got sick in the car and ended up fairly sick for the whole trip.

    • Jesse

      thanks for the memory Frank

  • Atreau

    I was four and I was traveling to San Diego with my aunt and cousin. I remember that they fed us on the plane and I had a blast! I remember going to the beach and how much I loved the ocean.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the memory

  • Danielle Bonderer

    One of the first travel memories I have is of me, my two brothers, and mom all arriving in Oahu HI. My grandpa picked us up and although I was young and exhausted from the flight I remember those amazing smells that came drifting in through the rolled down windows, overpowering the old man smells coming from the interior of the car. Plumerias, gardenias, and salt were all very strong and wonderful smells, but it was the smell of water that really captured me, the kind that only Islands can have. It wasn’t a humid or heavy feeling but one that felt very alive, like things were growing, and I felt it too. The water is all around you, the sea, the rain that falls every day over the lush dark mountains, the waterfalls and streams that flow out of the Jurassic Park mountain ranges into the valleys, and just all of it feeding the plants and flowers that burst out of every available piece of dirt. The sounds were there too, parakeet calls, and the voices of people all talking with the accent called “pigeon”, and the low drums and chants coming from my grandpa’s ancient radio, seeped into the corners of my ears as well. I remember pressing the fresh lei my grandpa had given me, one with with both white and pink plumerias against my nose and thinking about the book Call it Courage and how it might not be that bad to be stranded on an island.

    • Jesse

      Amazing detail… Thanks Danielle makes me want to visit Oahu soon

  • Bryony Braschi

    My first travel memory is being driven up from Devon to Scotland to visit my grandparents. These were the days before health and safety and mandatory seatbelts, and I had a bed made up across the back seat of the car with a nest of duvets and pillows. My poor younger sister got to sleep in her bed made across the footwell!

    • Jesse

      Thanks Bryony!

  • Jesse