Dragon Dances by Joe Nguyen in Seattle, Washington, USA

Though Seattle is 7500 miles away from my family’s native homeland (Vietnam), we call Seattle home now, but we never forget our roots or where we came from.  Here we pay homage to our ancestors with the dragon dances.

Name:Joe Nguyen

Place you live: Seattle, WA

Place your photo was taken?  The photo was taken at my family’s factory; Sony Sewing for our annual Lunar New Year Party for staff, friends, families, and clients.

Can you sum up Seattle?  I live and breathe in the great Pacific Northwest, better known as Seattle, WA.  I find myself in love with this city. If there’s a trail to be hiked, a rock face to be scaled or a camp fire to sit around, I can’t think of a place better than my own back yard to do it.  I love the artistic and creative community we have here whether it’s showcased through fabulous local restaurants, art galleries or local bands. I love it all. Every day is a photo-op.  We’re rumored to have bad weather all the time but, if you ask me, rain coats are way more fashionable than fur coats so we’re a pretty fashion forward city. LOL!  Rain or shine, my city’s better than yours.

Occupation? Production manager/designer

A perfect day?  A prefect day in my city is seeing the sunrise at 6am while camping in the Olympics and ending that same day watching the sunset at 8pm in front of a camp fire.

I someone was visiting what must they do?  If you only had 24 hours in Seattle and I could only suggest one thing to do, it would be to go to the Dr. Jose Rizal Park between July and August to catch the sunset fade behind the Olympic mountain range – and don’t forget your camera!

A perfect meal in Seattle? A perfect meal for me in this city is hard to pick because I love them all, but if I had to pick one to complete an awesome day, it’d have to be the Midnight Cuban Press from Paseo in the Ballard neighborhood.  Seattle doesn’t quite scream Cuban culture, but we sure do make a mean slow roasted pork sandwich.

What is the best thing about your spot? What I love about my hometown is that I’m minutes from the city and all of its luxuries, but at a moment’s notice I could drive a few hours and be at a trail head and forget I’m this close to a city.

And the worst? The worst part of living here is not having the time to see it all in a lifetime. The rain is in second place.

A little know fact about Seattle? We have what no other city has; a troll under a bridge!

Where is your favorite place in the world? If I couldn’t pick home as my favorite place in the world, next up would have to be… nowhere, it’s still the PNW (Pacific Northwest)!