Duckies and Sunshine by Hiyoko Imai in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My heart skips a little when duckies & bit of sunshine come out. It’s not particularly a representation of typical Amsterdam cityscape, but I love watching adorable duckies strolling in the city – very peaceful – It makes me forget the traffic of tourists & hustling city-bikers. Duckies are just so cute, especially when they’re couple walking side by side together. You see them throughout the year here.

Name:Hiyoko Imai

Place you live: Amsterdam 80% Tokyo 20%

Place your postcard is designed for: Amsterdam

Can you sum up Amsterdam? Great museums & architecture

Occupation: Paper composer, illustrator

Preoccupation: Cooking, balcony gardening

What is a perfect day in Amsterdam? A nice sunny day when I can go bento picnicking with my husband.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Visit museums of every city in Holland.

A perfect meal? Mom’s homemade Japanese dinner at my Tokyo home.

What is the best thing about the place you live? Tulips & museums

And the worst? Dutch dining culture & bland food

Where is your favorite place in the world? Next to my husband

Who are your three favorite designers/illustrators? Charley HarperCharles & Ray Eames