Flooded by Jessica Lynch in Guemes Island, WA, USA

The flood photos were taken on a cold January day in 2009. After large amounts of rainfall,  our little valley on the island flooded a couple feet. I got two of my friends to agree to wade out and pose with some props which turned out for a fun day and some interesting shots.

Name:Jessica Lynch

Place you live: Guemes Island, Washington

Place your photos were taken: The Valley on Edens road, Guemes Island, Washington

Can you sum up Guemes Island in a few sentences? Guemes Island is a huge backyard of forest, ocean and mountains…with coyotes, eagles and a few odd ducks sprinkled in.

Occupation: Artist & Print maker

Preoccupation: Photography, Instagram, beach walks and wine

A perfect day on Guemes Island? Sleeping in on a rainy morning. Cooking breakfast. Having the rain turn into a beautiful sunny day right when I’m ready to go on a beach walk with my old dog Basil. Spending the remainder of the day working on a project in my studio or outside. Late night movie & wine with my love.

For the visitor? Hike to the top of Guemes Mountain and check out the view of the surrounding islands and mountains.  Stop at Anderson’s (our only store) and visit with the locals over a pint of beer.

A perfect meal in the place you call home? Adrift restaurant in Anacortes, (small ferry ride from Guemes).  Food is made from meat and produce raised and grown locally in Skagit valley.

What is the best thing about your spot? The winter sunsets.

What is the worst? My muddy lawn and the four sets of dogs paws that walk through it and straight into my house.

A little known fact about Guemes Island? We have a phone chain where we text or call each other to warn when cops are on island (most ‘island rides’ have expired tabs) or a whale pod is coming through the channel.

Your favorite place in the world? Here. Home.

Be sure to check out Jessica and Arlo’s awesome company Slow Loris. Hand printed shirts and original drawings made right on Guemes Island.