Four Seasons by Amelia Wong-Mersereau in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Name:Amelia Wong-Mersereau



Cultural studies, media theory and criticism, traveling

Tell us about Montreal:

Montreal is four seasons. Be it summer, fall, winter or spring, the city lives and breathes like the heart of Canada. Our island is like Paris meets New York City meets Amsterdam. Charming parks and architecture, big city nightlife in any extreme (-25 or +25 °C), a festival stomping ground for music and art, also a myriad of restaurants from around the world (all dangerously delicious).

A perfect day?

Summer: Walking along the Boulevard Saint-Laurent when it is closed off for pedestrians. A cool breeze, a hot sun, sidewalks lined with street vendors, and impromptu musical performances around every corner.
Fall: Taking a walk on the Mont-Royal and kicking through all the fallen golden leaves.
Winter: As the night falls earlier and earlier, the best time in the winter is a light snow fall gently covering the streets and cars and bike lanes in December and walking home in the fresh fallen snow when everyone has gone to bed.
Spring: The smell has changed from crisp to thaw and muddy patches are revealed. The perfect spring day is when you pack away your winter coat and walk outside into the sun in a light sweater to experience the incredible reawakening of a city.

What is the best thing about Montreal?

Brunch, vintage shops and art galleries.

What is the worst?

Cars don’t respect bike lanes.

What would be surprising about Montreal to an outsider?

Bagels because they are SO GOOD here!

If Montreal was a person or character who would it be?


Who are three of your favorite artists?

M.I.A., Sofia Coppola, Haim.


Name:Amelia Wong-Mersereau


Favorite place to eat:

Restaurant Rumi or Au Petit Extra.

Favorite place to drink:

Bar: Blizzarts
Café: Café Local

Favorite shop:

Annex Vintage

Local Tip:

Fairmount Bagels are better than St. Viateur Bagels. And while you’re on Fairmount street, get an ice cream next door to the bagel place at KemCoba.

Must Do:

Start your day with brunch at Fabergé or Lawrence, then browse the stores on St. Viateur and Saint-Laurent street. Take a picnic to the Tam-Tams, in front of the Mont-Royal on Sundays for a cool scene of drummers and dancers. In the summer try to see some free shows at the famous Jazz Festival or you can catch cool concerts at Casa del Popolo or Divan Orange also.